Graco Magnum Airless Sprayer Accessories

Accessories for your Graco Magnum Series airless paint sprayer. Accessorize your sprayer with a tip extension, different tip sizes, a whip, pressure roller or lengthen your hose. Make your spray painting experience easier and more enjoyable with these genuine Graco products.


Convert an older 11/16" gun to common standard 7/8" size.

The 45 degree adapter is most commonly used with pressure rollers.

Adapter Part No.
Gun Adapter  - Converts 11/16" thread to 7/8" 243055
45° Adapter 243057


Easily extend your reach and spray ceilings or eaves. Also great for painting decks without bending over.

Tip Extenions Part No.
20" RAC V Tip Extension - used with spray gun 243297
30" RAC V Tip Extension - used with spray gun 243298
Heavy Duty Part No.
20" Heavy Duty Extension - used w/pressure roller 243051
40" Heavy Duty Extension - used w/ pressure roller 243052


1/4" Fitting allows you to connect two standard 1/4" airless paint sprayer hoses together.

Fittings Part No.
1/4" NPT x 1/4" NPT - ME (aka nipple) 156971

Spray Guns

Replacement spray guns for Magnum DX, XR5, XR7, SR7, XR9, and the 190ES. These will work with virtually all true airless sprayers with 3300psi or less rating.

Spray Gun Model Part No.
Airless Spray Guns
SG2 w/RAC IV 515 tip & guard 243011
SG3 w/RAC IV 515 tip & guard 243012

Airless Hose

Genuine Graco Magnum airless spray hoses. This can be used as a replacement hose or add another to the one you have to extend your abilities, which can save time by not having to move your sprayer as often.

1/4" Part No.
1/4" x 25' Magnum Hose 243022
1/4" x 50' Airless Hose 240794
1/4" x 1/4" hose connector, connects 2 1/4" hoses 156971

Lacquer Kits

For use with lacquer thinner based materials. More Info about Lacquer Conversion Kits.

Lacquer Kit Part No.
Magnum Lacquer Kit - XR7, SR7, XR9 248202
Magnum Lacquer Kit - DX 248203
Magnum ProX7, ProX9 256212

Pressure Rollers

Eliminate reaching, climbing and continually reaching up and down to resaturate the roller in messy paint trays.

Pressure Roller Part No.
9" Frame
Magnum Pressure Roller Kit 244512

Pressure Rollers

Additional / replacement pressure roller covers.

Pressure Roller Covers Part No.
Pressure Roller Covers - 9"
1/2" Roller Cover Nap 243063
3/4" Roller Cover Nap 243064
1 1/4" Roller Cover Nap 243065

Pump Armor

Everybody with a Graco airless paint sprayer needs this! Put it in your pump to preserve your sprayer between uses.

Pump Armor Part No.
Magnum Pump Armor - Quart 243103
Magnum Pump Armor - Gallon 245133


A swivel at the spray gun can help reduce hand fatigue and fighting the airless hose.

Swivel Part No.
Graco Magnum Straight Gun and Hose Swivel 244515
180° Easy Turn Directional Spray Nozzle 235486

Spray Tips

The spray fan size and amount of paint coming out is controlled by the spray tip, so it is good to have a few different sizes in your kit.

The tip extension swivel is a must when using a tip extension and when you need to spray at an angle other than straight ahead, such as a wall just out of reach.

See Tip Sizes for available sizes. Also Tip Sizing to select correct tip size.

Spray Tip Part No.
RAC IV SwitchTip 221xxx
180° Easy Turn Directional Spray Nozzle 235486

Spray Tip Gaskets

An extra SwitchTip seal is good to have in your kit because if you only have one and you loose it you're out of business until you find it or get a replacement.

Gasket Part No.
RAC IV SwitchTip Seal 243004

Spray Tip Guards

It is not common to break a tip guard but it can happen, they eventually wear-out too.

RAC IV Hand-Tight Tip Guard, 7/8" 237859


Throat Seal Liquid (TSL) is must have for the 190ES and 210ES. Using it keeps the rod lubricated which keeps paint from sticking to it and which dramatically extends the life of the pump packings.

8 oz 206994
Quart 206995

Whip Hose

A Hose whip goes between the gun and main hose for added flexibility. They can also reduce hand fatigue caused from turning the gun in different directions such as around doors and windows.

4' Whip-hose (3/16") 243020