Airless Sprayer Accessories

Popular accessories for airless paint sprayers. These are primarily for full-size contractor grade sprayers, but most will work with your average airless sprayer.

Common Graco Accessories for your Graco or Other Airless Paint Sprayer


 Part No.
180 Easy Turn Directional235486
45° Adapter243057
Graco 180 Cleanshot Swivel


Stops spitting and dribbling when using extensions 36 inches or longer. Sometimes called a "pole pressure valve".

 Part No
180 Easy Turn Directional235486
10" Graco RAC X Tip Extension, 287019


Used in conjunction with pressure rollers.

Heavy DutyPart No.
10" Heavy Duty Adapter232121
20" Heavy Duty Extension232122
40" Heavy Duty Extension232123
60" Heavy Duty Extension232124
80" Heavy Duty Extension232125

Tip / Spray Gun ExtensionsPart No.
10" RAC X Tip Extension287019
15" RAC X Tip Extension287020
20" RAC X Tip Extension287021
30" RAC X Tip Extension287022
10" RAC V Tip Extension243295
15" RAC V Tip Extension243296
20" RAC V Tip Extension243297
30" RAC V Tip Extension243298
1/4" x 1/4" Hose Fitting, 156971


For connecting hose to sprayer or two hoses together.

FittingPart No.
1/4" NPT x 1/4" NPT - MBE156971
3/8" NPT x 3/8" npt - MBE156849
1/2" NPT x 1/2" NPT - MBE158491
1/4" NPT x 3/8" NPT - MBE157350
1/2" NPT c 3/8" NPT - MBE159239
Hose Union, 157705


For connecting hose to sprayer or two hoses together.

UnionPart No.
1/4" npt(m) x 1/4" npsm(f)156823
3/8" npt(m) x 3/8" npsm(f)155665
1/4" npt(m) x 3/8" npsm(f)157705
3/8" npt(f) x 1/4" npsm(f)159153
Graco RAC X Contractor Gun, 288420

Airless Spray Guns

New ContractorPart No.
2-finger, RAC X Guard, RAC X 517 tip288420
4-finger, RAC X Guard, RAC X 517 tip288425
2-finger, RAC 5 Guard, RAC 5 515 tip288421
Graco RAC X FTX Contractor Airless Spray Gun W/ 515 - 4 Finger
New FTXPart No.
4-finger, RAC X Guard, RAC X 515 tip288430
2-finger, RAC X Guard, RAC X 515 tip288429
4-finger, RAC 5 Guard, RAC X 515 tip288431
Graco FlexPlus Spray Gun with RAC X 517 tip, 246468
FlexPlusPart No.
Graco Flex Plus Gun w/ RAC X 517 Tip246468
Graco RAC X Silver Plus Gun, 246240
Silver PlusPart No.
2-finger, RAC X Guard, RAC X 517 tip246240
2-finger, RAC X Guard, RAC 5 517 tip243283
Graco SG-1 Airless Paint Sprayer Gun, 243926
SG-SeriesPart No.
SG1-EF (Magnum)243926
SG2 (Magnum)243011
SG3 (Magnum)243012
218131 Graco Contractor Gun Filter

Airless Spray Gun Filters

FilterPart No.
Contractor Airless Gun Filter - 50 Mesh218131
Contractor Airless Gun Filter - 100 Mesh218133
Contractor II/FTx Gun Filter - 60 Mesh287032
Contractor II/FTx Gun Filter - 100 Mesh287033
1/4" x 50' Graco Airless Paint Sprayer Hose, 240794

Airless Hose

All hoses Rated at 3300 PSI.

3/16"Part No.
3/16" x 15' BlueMax II Hose214981
3/16" x 25' BlueMax II Hose214698
3/16" x 50' BlueMax II Hose214697
1/4"Part No.
1/4" x 15' BlueMax II Hose223756
1/4" x 25' BlueMax II Hose240793
1/4" x 50' BlueMax II Hose240794
1/4" x 100' BlueMax II Hose223771
3/8"Part No.
3/8" x 25' BlueMax II Hose240796
3/8" x 50' BlueMax II Hose240797
3/8" x 100' BlueMax II Hose241275

Airless Sprayer Pole Guns

Airless Extension Pole GunsPart No.
3' Airless Pole Gun287023
6' Airless Pole Gun287024
In Line Valve244161
Graco Pressure Roller

Pressure Rollers

9" FramePart No.
EvenFlow Pressure Roller Assembly244279
EvenFlow Telescoping Roller Assembly244281
EvenFlow In-Line Valve Roller Assembly245397
12" FramePart No.
Geosperse Roller Frame240055
3/8" Pressure Roller Nap, 107589

Pressure Roller Covers

9" CoverPart No.
3/8" Roller Cover Nap107589
1/2" Roller Cover Nap107590
3/4" Roller Cover Nap107591
1 1/4" Roller Cover Nap243065
12" CoverPart No.
1/2" Roller Cover Nap186944
3/4" Roller Cover Nap186945
1 1/4" Roller Cover Nap186946
Graco Magnum Pump Armor

Pump Armor

Prevents pump corrosion between spray jobs.

Pump ArmorPart No.
One Quart Magnum Pump Armor243104
One Gallon245133


Part No.
Swiveling joint between gun and hose224457
Graco RAC X Paint Sprayer Tip

Airless Spray Tips

TypePart No.
RAC X SwitchTipLTXxxx
WideRAC RAC X SwitchTipWRxxxx
FFFLP Fine Finish RAC X SwitchTipFFLPxxx
RAC 5 SwitchTip286xxx
LineLazer RAC 5 SwitchTipLL5xxx
Contractor Flat Tips269xxx
Fine Finish Flat Tips163xxx
246215 Graco RAC X Spray Tip Guard

Airless Spray Tip Guards

TypePart No.
RAC 5 HandTite Tip Guard, 7/8"243161
RAC 5 HandTite Tip Guard, 11/16"246263
RAC X HandTite Tip Guard, 7/8"246215
RAC X HandTite Tip Guard, 11/16"246437
Graco Throat Seal Liquid (TSL)


Keeps piston rod lubed and prevents paint from sticking.

Part No.
Throat Seal Liquid - 8 oz.206994
Throat Seal Liquid - Quart206995
Throat Seal Liquid - Gallon206996
3-ft Paint Sprayer Whip Hose

Whip Hoses

Adds flexibility at the gun to reduce fatigue.

Part No.
3' BlueMax II Hose Whip238358
4.5' BlueMax II Hose Whip238959
6' BlueMax II Hose Whip238359