Texture Sprayers

Information about texture sprayers used in applying drywall mud, wall and ceiling textures, skim-coat and more. Info including frequently asked questions, common Graco TexSpray parts and accessories, glossary of texture sprayer terms to help you understand texture industry terms, trouble-shooting guide, proper cleaning and storage and more!

If you are looking for a new unit to apply texture Compare Graco TexSpray texture sprayers to see which one would best suit your needs.

Let us show you the best ways to clean and store your pump. Proper care of your texture sprayer is directly related to its life and future repair costs. Protect your investment with good care.

See our texture sprayer trouble-shooting guide for tips on diagnosis, get solutions to common problems.

Need to replace a RotoFlex tube in your Graco RTX? Our instructions pages will help you replace it with ease for your TexSpray 750 & 1000, or your TexSpray 650, 900, and 1250.

Our Texture Application Guide will show you the different levels of interior and exterior applications, as well as showing which Graco TexSpray Sprayer will work best for getting the finish you want.

Our TexSpray store has Texture machines ranging from the homeowner and small contractor, to professional drywallers and painters who spray a texture application daily.

Airlessco Texture Sprayers are a great value. Great for the handyman, remodeler, small contractor.