Desiccant Dryers

Desiccant air dryers are also known as regenerative air dryers. These dryers use desiccant beads to adsorb the water vapor in the air providing ultra dry air downstream. A small amount of dried air is used as 'purge' air, which regenerates the desiccant bed. Desiccant dryers provide an extremely low pressure dew point of -40F or -100F without the risk of freezing in your piping systems.

Although refrigerated air dryers are the most common for general industry, desiccant air dryers are required in certain applications. If your compressed air is exposed to freezing temperature or comes into contact with food or moisture sensitive products, a desiccant air dryer might be the right choice for your system.

Desiccant dryers have several different correction factors that go into their sizing. To ensure a dryer is appropriately sized for your application, please give us a call to discuss your system needs.