Graco 390 Stand Airless Sprayer Parts

Here is a parts breakdown list of replacement Graco 390 airless paint sprayer parts. If you don't see the part you are looking for here you can also search our airless sprayer store or call us and talk to one of our experienced representatives. Graco has been good about carrying parts for their sprayers many years after they are discontinued.

Graco 390 Model 253958

Parts breakdown for Graco 390
Ref #Part NumberDescription
1249040120V MOTOR, electric, includes 1a, 1b
1a249043FAN, motor, includes 1b
1b119653RING, retaining
2249194GEAR, reducer
3249195GEAR, crankshaft, includes 4
4180131BEARING, thrust
5249049HOUSING, drive, includes 6, 30, 44
6117493SCREW, mach, hex washer hd
7287053ROD, connecting, includes 7a, 8
7a196750SPRING, retaining
8196762PIN, straight
9246428PUMP, displacement, includes 13
10195150NUT, jam, pump
13162453FITTING, (1/4 npsm x 1/4 npt)
14287003HOSE, cpld
1515H977MANIFOLD, filter
16249005CONTROL, pressure, includes 17, 21, 22
1715E794CAP, wire, control, pressure
1815F399LABEL, control
22119723Tape, foam
23224806VALVE, drain, includes 23a, 23b
23a277364GASKET, seat
23b15E022SEAT, valve
24224807BASE, valve
25187625HANDLE, valve, drain
26111600PIN, grooved
27240794HOSE, cpld, 1/4 x 50 ft
28288430FTx, Contractor Spray Gun
29187625HANDLE, valve, drain
35246386HOSE, suction set, includes 11, 12, 37
37246385STRAINER, 7/8-14 unf
40249051KIT, tube, drain, includes 20, 41, 43
41244035DEFLECTOR, barbed
51116139GRIP, handle
67238049FLUID, TSL, 4 oz
70287902KIT, repair, filter cap, includes 71
71238049INSERT, filter
72246384FILTER, fluid, 60 mesh