Graco RAC X Airless Sprayer Tips and Tip Guards

The Graco RAC X System

Graco RAC X SwitchTip reversible airless paint sprayer tips are the longest lasting on the market. We feel they are the best airless sprayer tip you can buy! Get the best tip for the best job - just say "Rack Ten"

Graco's Latest Line of Airless Spray Tips - RAC X

Designed with the contractors' needs in mind, these job-specific spray tips give you long life, a superior fan pattern, and a high-quality finish.

  • Spray tips that get the job done faster and also last longer, saving time, energy and money on every job.
  • Designed for the contractor, these spray tips have a long life, a superior fan pattern and a high quality finish.
  • The RAC X SwitchTip has the longest-lasting fan pattern on the market and delivers 50% more life!*
  • The RAC X WideRAC SwitchTip delivers a 24 inch spray pattern.
  • The RAC X Fine Finish SwitchTip offers superior atomization.

Graco took customer suggestions and coupled them with the latest technological advances to bring you the best tips on the market!

Spray better with the RAC X!

Designed to give you exceptional results.

RAC X SwitchTip
RAC X HandTite™ Guard
OneSeal™ Gasket

  • Experience breakthrough performance!
  • Superior atomization
  • All RAC X Airless Tips feature OneSeal design
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 4050 psi

Use RAC X Tips only with RAC X Guards. Not interchangeable with RAC 5 Tips.

Raised Tip Size Number Easy to read tip size, even when coated with paint!

Locking Tab
  • Ensures tip stays securely in guard
  • "Snaps" tip into spray or reverse position

Easy Turn Design
Change orientation of guard, from vertical to horizontal, without loosening the nut

Improved OneSeal Design
Solvent-resistant for all coatings
Easier tip insertion and rotation force

Graco RAC X spray tip and guard

Aerodynamic Design Directs the material flow, virtually eliminating paint build-up

Benefit of RAC X tips versus RAC 5 and Competitor Tips

RAC X spray tip life chart
Graco RAC 5 spray tip life chart
competitor tip life chart

Graco LTX RAC X Tips

Long lasting high performance spray tips geared toward the professional painter. Use LTX tips or the most common spray jobs.

Specifically Designed For:
  • Today's latex and oil-based coatings
  • Interior & exterior paint and primer
  • Painting contractors and those who need a reliable tip that will last

Graco RAC X Fine Finish Tips

Fine Finish Tips are able to spray at lower pressures, with superior atomization.  They have a tighter and more consistent fan pattern.

Specifically Designed For:
  • Trim and moldings
  • Cabinets
  • Shutters and doors

Graco WideRAC RAC X Tips

WideRAC airless spray tips covers double the area in half the time. WideRAC increases the flow rate to ensure the proper mil build

Specifically Designed For:
  • 24 in (610 mm) spray fan for maximum coverage
  • Increased flow rate ensures the proper mil build
  • Optimized for interior and exterior latex paint and primer

Graco RAC X OneSeal Gaskets

These OneSeal gaskets are similar to those of RAC V, however are specifically designed for use with RAC X airless spray tips.

Specifically Designed For:
  • Decreasing leaks between the guard and gun
  • Prevents damage to the backside of the tips