Graco Magnum Lacquer Conversion Kits

Lacquer is one of the materials that Graco's Magnum paint sprayers are not able to spray right out of the box. To help compensate for this dilemma, Graco created the Magnum Lacquer Conversion Kits, which change out the o-rings and inlet tube to make spraying lacquer a breeze.

Because solvent and water based lacquers are much different than regular household paint, it is recommended that you use an entirely different hose and gun when spraying different types of paint; one set for solvent lacquer another for everything else.

Need held deciding what kit to use?

Magnum DX 248203
Magnum XR7, SR7 & XR9 248202
Magnum ProX7 & ProX9 256212

Need the manual and installation instructions?

Magnum DX DX Manual
Magnum XR7 & XR9 XR7 & XR9 Manual
Magnum ProX7 & ProX9 ProX7 & ProX9 Manual

If you are unable to obtain a copy of the manual for you specific model, here are the basic instructions for installing the kit:

  1. Relieve Pressure from the machine:
    1. Turn power switch OFF.
    2. Unplug sprayer.
    3. Turn Spray/Prime knob down.
    4. Hold metal part of gun firmly to a grounded metal pail. Pull gun trigger to relieve pressure.
  2. Turn prim knob up to spray position.
  3. Remove pin inside the knob with 3/32 pin punch and hammer
  4. Remove prime knob and base.
  5. Remove valve stem from manifold. Be sure gasket and seat do not stay in manifold
  6. Replace brown o-ring on end of valve stem. Apply sealant to valve threads. Install valve stem in pump manifold. Torque to 185 in-lb
  7. Install base on valve. Align pin on base with hole on manifold.
  8. Rotate valve stem with a 3/32 pin punch until hole is perpendicular.
  9. Install knob over base.
  10. Place knob in spray position.
  11. Insert end of pin punch through hole in knob to make sure knob valve and stem are aligned.
  12. Install pin through hole in knob. Tap pin through knob with hammer. Correctly installed, end of pin is flush with top of hole in knob.

Please keep in mind that the above instructions are for general use only. Installing conversion kits are at the users risk. Portland Compressor is not held liable for any damage to the sprayer, kit, or other items that may occur, and is not held liable for any injuries that may arise.