The Airless Sprayer Wall of Shame

Like cars, airless paint sprayers require regular maintenance to keep them running well, reliable and long lasting. Keeping sprayers clean is an important first step. Below we have shown examples of what can happen if you have misused or abused your airless sprayer. Simple maintenance and cleaning steps can not only prevent your parts from looking like the ones below, but can also prevent costly repair bills. Don't abuse or neglect your sprayer...


Neglected Spray Gun Filter

"Oh, there is a filter in the gun?"

Airless sprayer filter

"Really, there is a filter in the sprayer too?"

Dirty Sprayer Manifold Filter

Another beautiful manifold filter.

Manifold filter covered in dry paint

"You shouldn't leave paint in the sprayer huh?"

Rods & Cylinders

Piston rod as the result of dry stroking

Example of a rod dry stroking.
Can be caused from not using TSL and/or bad packings

Broken Paint Sprayer Cylinder

"Shouldn't cylinder be completely smooth?"

Graco Piston Rod

"Throat Seal Liquid? What's that?"

The Rest

Broken Hose Clamped Together

"I have repaired my airless hose but the clamps don't hold very long."

Airless Sprayer Power Cord

"What do you mean the extension cord may be too long and the wrong gauge? it's alternating current! You could run it across town if you wanted too!"