Wagner SprayTech PF23

The SprayTech PF 23 Airless Paint Sprayer is an excellent choice for the do-it-yourselfer, handyman, property manager or part time painter.

The PF23 is a durable and lightweight sprayer that combines easy to use features in an attractive package to keep your mind at ease. This affordable paint sprayer will cut your painting times in half, saving the operator both time and money.

Paint Sprayer Piston Pump

The PF23 features a piston style spray pump, unlike many of the competitors diaphragm pumps. Piston pumps deliver paint on both the upstroke and the down-stroke of the rod, resulting in a less costly and more efficient sprayer.

Another benefit to the ProForce 23 is the pressure control system. Unlike the PF20 or the Wagner 770, the PF23 has a pressure control knob that regulates the amount of paint coming out of the sprayer. For example, instead of automatically building up to 2700 PSI, the operator can adjust the pressure down if spraying thin materials, such as stain or varnish, resulting in a finer finish and less wasted paint. This is a great feature to have if spraying decks, fences, or cabinets.

Wagner SprayTech Pro Force 23 just like Wagner 9140 Wagner SprayTech PF23


Gallons Per Minute .25
Horse Power 1/2
Max Tip Size .015
Maximum Pressure 2800
Gallons Per Year 50
Tip type Wagner or
Graco RAC IV
Hose Size 1/4" x 50
Voltage 110-120
Shipping Weight 25 Pounds

PF 23 Airless Sprayer Pusher Valve

Many times when people experience an issue with their airless paint sprayer, it is due to a stuck lower ball in the bottom of the fluid section. This occurs when paint dries in between the ball and the lower seat.

To counteract this problem, SprayTech created the all new "Pusher Stem" feature. If the ball is stuck, simply push in the stem, and a small dowel will knock the ball loose. This new feature not only saves time, but decreases those costly repair bills that are associated with having to take the sprayer into a sprayer rebuild shop.

Meta Flex suction tube with metal threads The Metal-Flex suction set (a.k.a. the tube that sits in the paint and waste bucket) has metal threads where it attaches to the sprayer - the older version had plastic threads.

As you can probably guess, the metal threads are going to last longer, resulting in less leaks and a stronger connection to the sprayer when painting at higher pressures.

You may have noticed that the ProForce 23 has many similar parts as other Wagner and SprayTech sprayers. This is because the PF23 has the exact same parts as both the Wagner 9140S and the SprayTech Apex 1420.

The only difference between these machines are the cosmetics and the label, however all three are built by Wagner / SprayTech Corporation.

The chart to the right shows many of the common parts for the PF23, Wagner 9140S, and the Apex 1420.

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Inlet Strainer 0516197
Gun Filters
30 Mesh 0089323
50 Mesh 0034377
100 Mesh 0089324
180 Mesh 0034383
Fluid Section Kit 05152228A
Garden Hose Adapter. 0515146
Suction Set 0515237