Graco Ultra Max II 490, 495 Stand Parts Breakdown

Parts list breakdown for the Graco Ultra Max II 490 and 495 airless paint sprayers. If you don't see the part you are looking for here you can also search our airless sprayer store or call us and talk to one of our experienced representatives. Graco has been good about carrying parts for their sprayers many years after they are discontinued.

Stand Models 249911 and 249915

Parts breakdown for Graco Ultra Max II 490, 495
Ref #Part NumberDescription
1107434Thrust Bearing
2117828Packing, O-Ring
3111457Packing, O-Ring
4111600Pin, Grooved
8116073Thrust Washer
9116074Thrust Washer
10116079Thrust Bearing
12117501Screw, Mach, Hex Washer Hd
13115099Hose Washer
14117559Suction Hose O-Ring
1515G455Fluid Manifold
16246384Easy-Out Filter, 60 Mesh
17287902Filter cap repair kit, includes 18
18 Filter insert
22287901Front Cover
23287900Motor Shield, includes 12
24162453Nipple, (1/4 Npsm X 1/4 Npt)
25180131Thrust Bearing
27187625Drain Valve Handle
29195150Jam Nut For pump
31196750Retaining Spring
32196762Pin, Straight
33206994Fluid, TSL
35239914Drain valve
36224807Base, Valve
38243222Transducer, Pressure Control (Includes 3)
39241920Deflector, Threaded
40244242Gear, Reducer (Includes 8, 10)
41246428Displacement Pump (Includes 32)
42287899Housing, Drive (Includes 12, 70)
43287053Connecting Rod (Includes 31, 32)
44287054Gear, Crankshaft (Includes 1, 9, 25)
45287003Hose, Coupled
462407941/4 In. X 50 Ft Coupled Airless Hose
55246381Drain Hose
56253366Power Cord
57246385Strainer / inlet screen
60246386Suction Hose Kit (Includes 13, 14, 57, 62)
61288420Contractor Spray Gun
68287903Cup, Suction/Drain
73287072Sprayer Handle