Air Compressor Information

In order to help you select the compressor that best fits your needs, we have created our air compressor information section. Feel free to browse the column to the left for any and all information related to air compressors. We have everything from troubleshooting information in case you have a problem, to maintenance and safety advice. One of our most commonly viewed pages is our air compressor FAQ page, which will help you quickly find the answer to many of the most common questions.

Virtually everyone who owns an air compressor will use some form of air compressor accessory as well. Whether it be water/oil removal filter, an air regulartor , or an air hose we have them in stock

By visiting our air compressor accessory section, we will help you learn about the different functions of each tool, how to operate it, and ultimately how it will benefit you and your end product.

  • air compressor fitting plugs

    Couplings and plugs

    One of the most important components on your air compressor is the couplings and plugs that attach an accessory or hose to the machine.

    By learning the difference between the styles of fittings available, you can figure out what type will work best with your compressor, and will also ensure that the correct styles are purchased.

  • Ingersoll Rand filters and oil

    Learn tips and tricks

    Get more out of your compressor by knowing more about it and how to take better care of it. Learn tips and tricks about cleaning and maintenance for longer pump and motor life - Ultimately saving you both time and money. Discover methods and techniques that may improve your efficiency and or the efficiency of your air system.

    Find the air compressor parts you are looking for in our online store to keep your compressor pumping. Or if you are ready for a new air compressor, we have many models for several brands such as Ingersoll-Rand, Chicago Pneumatic, Rol-Air, Campbell Hausfeld, and Jenny.

  • Ingersoll Rand IR air compressors

    Authorized Distributor

    We are an Authorized Distributor for the above brands so if we don't have it in stock we can get it for you and at a competitive price. We can also special order custom configured / customized air compressors for you as well.

There are many types of air compressors for various applications.

Hobby style

For doing little stuff such as air brushing. Usually electric powered

Contractor compressors

For job site work. These are gas or electric driven in a wheelbarrow or hand-carry design.

Air compressors for shops

Vertical or horizontal with tank mounted pump and motor. Used in repair shops, body shops, barns, garages etc. These are most commonly reciprocating air compressors, although some larger shops may use a rotary screw compressor as well.

Specialized compressed air equipment

Used in factories to power pneumatic machinery such as food processing and packaging, or when a constant supply of compressed air is needed. Typically high voltage electric powered.

Industrial Air Systems

Industrial air compressors are most commonly used in woodworking facilities, manufacturing and CNC applications, or virtually and industry where reliable compressed air is required. These compressors are most often rotary screw air compressors capable of running 24/7.

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    Our knowledge of air compressor is vast and deep; we have been in business since 1984 and you can tell by our name that air compressors is where we got our start. We sell many different brands, including Ingersoll Rand and Chicago Pneumatic, which has only helped us in our many years combined experience selling and repairing air compressor equipment. Our service tech's stay up to date with the latest in air compressor technology with ongoing education from the top manufacturers. Just because we ship our products around the nation, doesn't mean that we have forgotten about the local area that helped to give us our start.