Wagner SprayTech Paint Crew

The Wagner SprayTech Paint Crew airless paint sprayer is one of the most common sprayers on the market. Designed for the home-owner who sprays once or twice a year, the Paint Crew is able to spray all the common household materials, from stains and primers to latex.

The SprayTech  PF20 features contractor quality, such as the easy to use all metal spray gun, that is designed to last many years. The airless sprayer comes pre-assembled, is lightweight, and features simple to operate controls. The convenient carrying handle also makes moving around the job-site a breeze

Wagner SprayTech Paint Crew

Wagner SprayTech PF20


Gallons Per Minute 0.20
Horse Power 3/8
Max Tip Size 0.015
Maximum Pressure 2800
Gallons Per Year 50
Tip type Wagner or
Graco RAC IV
Hose Size 1/4" x 50
Voltage 110-120
Shipping Weight 24 Pounds

Included with the PF20 Paint crew is a 25' airless sprayer hose, an all metal spray gun, as well as a tip housing and a 413 paint sprayers tip. The metal spray gun is designed to last many years, with such features as an in handle gun filter, and a 7/8" threaded housing connection to fit virtually all tip guards on the market (including Graco!).

The included 413 airless spray tip is able to spray virtually all common household paints, including solid stains, varnishes, oils, primers, latex, and more! The SprayTech tip is also reversible, meaning that if the tip clogs, you simply have to turn the tip 180, trigger the gun, and the clog will be blown out!

More information on Reversible tips
Paint Sprayer Tip Guard

Reversible Spray Tip

Wagner/SprayTech Parts

The chart listed to the right shows the common replacement parts for the PF20 Paint Crew. The PF20 is the exact same as the Wagner 770 and the Wagner Paint Crew, therefore each part is compatible with the other machines as well.

We also carry other Wagner and SprayTech parts in stock that are not listed on our website. Being an authorized SprayTech distributor, we are able to order in any products that are either not carried in stock or not listed on our website.

Inlet Strainer 0515417
Gun Filters
30 Mesh 0089323
50 Mesh 0034377
100 Mesh 0089324
180 Mesh 0034383
Inlet Valve 0515221
Outlet Valve 0515237

Accessories for Wagner SprayTech Paint Sprayer

Virtually all accessories used on other manufacturers spray guns and painters will work with SprayTech as well....for a lower price! If you need a tip extension, look no further than the Graco Magnum 20" or 30" tip extensions on sale now!

The tips on a ProForce 20 are interchangeable with Graco RAC IV and RAC V spray tips, therefore if a SprayTech dealer doesn't have the proper tip size available, you can always switch over to a Graco Tip!

20 " Tips Extension 243042
30" Tip Extension 243298
Hose / Gun Swivel 244515
RAC IV SwitchTips 221xxx
Hose Whip 243020