Graco STX Airless Sprayer Parts Breakdown

Here is a breakdown for replacement Graco STX airless paint sprayer parts. If you don't see the part you are looking for here you can also search our airless sprayer store or call us and talk to one of our experienced representatives. Graco has been good about carrying parts for their sprayers many years after they are discontinued.

Graco STX Model 234126, Series A & B

Parts breakdown for Graco STX
Ref #Series LetterPart NumberDescription
1A, B245893Motor, 120 Vac
2A, B115525Motor Fan Blade
3A, B243219Gear, combination
7A, B243218Crank Shaft
9A, B243221Connecting Rod (includes 9a and 9b)
9aA, B195175Pin, pump
9bA, B195512Retainer, pin
10A, B243220Drive Housing (includes 10a and 10b)
10aA, B195099Cover
10bA, B115492Screw
12A, B195150Jam Nut, pump
13A, B246426Displacement Pump
18A, B115492Screw, mach slot hex, washer hd
19A, B241926High pressure coupled hose
22A, B115495Scew, slot hd, hex, washer hd
31A195847Adapter, pipe, hex
38A116150Adapter Fitting
45A195157Filter Housing
45B15E180Filter Housing
46B15E288Insert, filter
46A196773Manifold Filter Insert
47A, B104361O-ring
48A, B243080Filter, fluid, 60 mesh
49A195139Filter Cap
49B15E289Filter Cap
53A, B111699Valve seat gasket
55A, B187615Seat valve
56A, B235014ASSY, drain valve (includes 53 and 55)
57A, B224807ASSY, cam, drain valve
58A111600Pin, grooved
59A, B187625Handle, valve, drain
61B15E539Nipple, 1/4 nps(m) x 1/8 npt
62A, B162453Nipple, 1/4 npt(m) x 1/4 npsm
65A, B195177Suction Tube Holder
67A, B107310Plug, tubing
68A, B115506Screw, slot hd, hex, washer hd
69A, B195425Sprayer Handle
70A, B100016Lock Washer
71A, B116139Handle Grip
74A, B243217Shroud, motor (includes 18, 126, 127)
78A, B244353HOSE, suction, flexible
82A, B235004Strainer / Inlet screen
84A, B244040Drain Hose (includes 85, 86)