Air Dryers

Moisture and water will always be a byproduct of compressed air. When air is compressed, heat is generated which causes liquid to form as it cools in your air lines and piping system. Several factors can play a role in the amount of moisture you see in your compressed air - pressure rating, duty cycle, run hours, ambient temperature and more.

Water in your air lines can cause rust and corrosion - contaminates that will degrade your piping system, damage your production equipment and ruin your end product. To reduce the amount of moisture in your compressed air — and to prolong the life of your machine — a compressed air dryer is critical.

A compressed air dryer is designed to reduce and remove the moisture in your compressed air system. Different levels of air dryers are available depending on how clean your compressed air needs to be. Refrigerated air dryers are the most common in the industry. Desiccant dryers will remove virtually all traces of water vapor, but consume compressed air during the drying process.

Need help in determining what air dryer is best for your compressed air system? Give us a call and we will size a dryer for your application and needs.