Graco TrueCoat Pro Sprayer Accessories

Expand your abilities with these Genuine Graco TrueCoat Accessories.

Liners and Cups

  • Material Cup Liners
  • 32 oz Material Cup
  • 48 oz Material Cup

Reversible Tips

  • Narrow
    • 311
    • 315
  • Wide
    • 515
    • 517

Tip Extensions

  • 12" Fixed Extension
  • 24" Fixed Extension
  • 12" Flexible Extension

Batteries & Battery Chargers

  • 18V Lithium Ion Battery
  • Battery Charger
Other Goodies
  • Pump Armor
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Tip Filter
Graco TrueCoat Pro airless cordless paint sprayer

See The Graco TrueCoat Airless Sprayer Kit

Graco TrueCoat Handheld Sprayers

TrueCoat reversible paint sprayer tip

Available in narrow or wide fan sizes to spray thin to heavy, unthinned material. XWD515 TrueCoat Pro tips are a uniquely designed tip and guard combination that is XWD517 optimized for use with ProSpray Technology.

TrueCoat Flexible Tip Extension

Allows you to angle the pole 180° to spray ceilings, walls, and floors with a consistent and even floor pattern. These are for use with the True Coat Pro paint sprayer only.

TrueCoat Pro Material Cup
Part No. Description

32 oz Material Cup
With fixed suction tube. Created specifically for the TrueCoat Pro cordless airless paint sprayer.


48 oz Material Cup
For larger applications and less cup fills; includes a cover for storage or use to shake cup for fast cleanup without a cup liner. Quick and easy twist-on cup assembly.


Material Cup Liners
Fits either 32 oz or 48 oz cups; plastic, disposable cup liners makes clean-up fast and easy.

Lithium Ion Battery for the Graco cordless paint sprayer
Part No. Description

20V Lithium Ion Power Pack Battery
Add another battery to spray larger than 2 gallon [7.57 L] jobs. One fully charged battery is able to spray 1 gallon [3.78 L] for continuous spraying. Charge time for 80% performance is 45 minutes.


Power Pack Battery Charger
Add a charger to reduce down time by charging two batteries at once. Light indicator monitors and displays charging progress.

Graco Pump Armor Pump Protectant
Part No. Description

Shoulder Strap Attaches to the front and back of the TrueCoat Pro sprayer
for hands-free movement on the job.


Pump Armor
Protects airless pump during storage. Fill TrueCoat Pro pump
with Pump Armor and leave it in until you use it again.


Tip Filters Threads directly into the guard and filters paint for less tip plugs.