Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions about the store

Q: Why do you only ship to the billing address?

A: This is associated with credit card fraud. We are a family owned business dedicated to keeping our prices as low as possible. We also have an obligation to protect our customers. Unfortunately shipping to an address other than the billing address of the card opens us up to chargebacks and liability. Although we understand this can be frustrating, our policy helps keep our prices low. If you are in need of equipment shipping to an address other than the billing address of your card, please give us a call for options (such as payment via wire transfer).

Q: My order didn't go through, why was my card charged?

A: Credit card processors "authorize" a card first (puts a hold on available funds), then run anti-fraud filters such as AVS (Address Verification System) and CVV (3 digits on back of card) rules to help protect against fraudulent transactions. These filters reduce fraud. The pending transaction is only an authorization, and will automatically fall off in about 2 business days.

Q: I selected USPS Priority but you shipped UPS, why?

A: Only items that are In-Stock qualify for USPS. Non-stocking items and items that ship from manufacturer are sent via their carrier, usually UPS. If your order ships direct from the manufacturer rather than from Portland Compressor, we will not charge any additional shipping charges other than the USPS shipping that was already paid.

Q: Why is shipping so much?

A: UPS, FedEx, USPS and LTL freight companies have dramatically increased their freight prices over the past several years. Portland Compressor does not mark-up shipping charges – the prices shown are live prices from UPS and USPS.

Q: Why don't you ship to other countries?

A: The main reason is manufacturer restrictions – our distributor agreements limit us to selling within the United States only. There are other complications as well, such as increased fraud and electrical differences between countries.

Q: Why did I not get an order confirmation?

A: All orders that are submitted receive an automatic order confirmation. If you did not receive one, please check your spam/junk folder. The email address entered may have also had a typo. Feel free to contact us for verification.

Q: Why don't you take American Express?

A: The credit card processing fees charged by American Express are much higher than the fees of Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We aim to keep our prices as low as possible. Accepting American Express would result in high prices being passed along to the consumer.

Q: When did you move?

A: We moved locations from SE Portland to SW Portland in November of 2016. Although our previous building served us well for 25 years, our new building increased our warehouse and showroom space drastically. This allowed us to boost our inventory so we can better serve our customers.

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