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Frequently Asked Questions about the store

Common Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you only ship to the billing address?
A: It helps keep our prices lower via a significant reduction of fraud.
Q: My order didn't go through, why was my card charged?
A: Credit card processors "authorize" a card first (puts a hold on available funds), then run anti-fraud filters such as AVS (Address Verification System) and CVV (3 digits on back of card) rules to help protect against fraudulent transactions. These filters reduce fraud. The pending transaction is only an authorization, and will automatically fall off in about 2 business days.
Q: I selected USPS Priority but you shipped UPS, why?
A: Only items that are In-Stock qualify for USPS. Non-stocking items and items that ship from manufacturer, are sent via their carrier, usually UPS.
Q: Why is shipping so much?
A: Because for-profit carriers raise their rates about 5% a year on average, even when the rate of inflation may be 1% or less.
Q: Why don't you ship to other countries?
A: Primarily manufacturer restrictions. Electrical differences. Fraud. Paperwork hassle.
Q: Why did I not get an order confirmation?
A: Could be in your junk email folder. The order may have not gone through. Your email address was miss-typed.
Q: Why don't you take American Express?
A: We would have to raise our prices.
Q: When did you move?
A: November 5th-6th 2016.
Q: I need a tip for my machine. What do you recommend?
A: Take good care of it and it will last longer.