Graco Throat Seal Liquid - 8 oz TSL

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Part #: 206994
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Graco OEM 206994 TSL Paint Sprayer Throat Seal Liquid - 8oz.

Graco Throat Seal Liquid (TSL) extends throat packing life. Formulated to prevent paint from drying on the displacement rod, throat seal liquid extends the life of throat packings and the piston rod. 206994 is for an 8oz bottle.

Graco TSLâ„¢ is clear in color and specially formulated so it will not impact the finish of oil or water-based coatings, even if it is accidentally dripped into the coating material.

Fill cup with TSL every time you spray to reduce paint adhesion on the rod. Do not use oil as a substitute for TSL

To be used on full size Graco airless paint sprayers. Such as 190ES, 210ES, 390, 395, Ultra Max II 490 through 1595. Not used on Magnum series sprayers.

The technical name for TSL is Tricresyl Phosphate, and is non-flamable.

Graco TSL is also available in a quart size - 206995

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS
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