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Line-striping equipment, parts, accessories and information department. Graco LineLazer parking lot stripers, ThermoLazer thermoplastic striping system, FieldLazer athletic sports field marker, GrindLazer line removers (scarifiers). Trouble-shooting guide, frequently asked questions and answers.

Portland Compressor is a leading Graco dealer and distributor for the full line of Graco line striping products. We have new & used equipment and accept trade-ins too.

First there was LineLazer, then FieldLazer, before long the LineDriver, next Auto-Layout, now we have ThermoLazer and GrindLazer. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better... introducing the ThermoLazer ProMelt - a thermoplastic striper that does not need a premelter. A full line of line marking equipment with the high quality you've come to expect from Graco and Made in the USA.

We stock a ton of Graco parts...  and if we do not have the one you need here, chances are we can get it for you. Here is a list of common LineLazer parts.

Also in stock are many a Graco accessory including LineLazer accessories; EZ Bead glass bead dispensers kits, hoppers, spray shields and more.

Since spray tips don't last forever, we keep a healthy supply on hand. Find the size you need on our LineLazer Tips page.

If you haven't seen the optional LineLazer Auto-Layout system yet, check it out, it's pretty cool especially if you do a lot of parking lots, new layouts or re-layouts. If you mostly do re-line jobs it probably won't be quite as exciting to you but have a look and keep it mind for the future.

The new ThermoLazer ProMelt line striper is pretty hot (pun intended)! If you do or have been contemplating getting into thermoplastic, you should have a looksee.

Are you striping very wide lines, like on airport runways? If so we recommend the LineLazer 200HS. At up to 2.15 gallons per minute this baby lays it down.

Getting tired of all the walking behind your striper day in and day out?
Feel like you could get more jobs done per week if you could just go faster, last longer?
Get a LineDriver and have a seat! Now in two models; LineDriver and LineDriver HD.

Removing parking lot lines used to be a real challenge, especially thermoplastic, but now there is the Graco GrindLazer scarifier. The Extreme-Duty model can also be used for line inlay grooving.

We're here to help, so if you can't find what you're looking for here or have questions about our line striping products, please give us a call.