Graco GrindLazer Line Removal Systems

Graco introduces the 270, 390 and 480 GrindLazers as your total solution for all of your scarifier applications. Every Graco paint line removal machine exceeds comparable competitive units in ease of use and quality.

When choosing which Graco GrindLazer best fits your needs, you must consider what material you will be removing and how fast you want to complete the job. This guide will help walk you through this process and put you in the right GrindLazer.

270 Scarifier system

GrindLazer 270

The 270 is the perfect scarifier for removing parking lot lines. It's EasyGlide Wheel Mount System makes it as easy to use as a LineLazer and its rugged, innovative design means you can count on it to perform for a lifetime of use.

Graco 390 Grindlaser

GrindLazer 390

The contractor choice for all-around scarifying jobs including parking lot lines, intersection markings, construction zones and sidewalk smoothing. A higher production rate than the 390 to help get those tough jobs done quicker.

Graco 480 Grindlazer scarifier system

GrindLazer 480

The high production choice when it comes to the most demanding scarifier jobs. You are not only able to remove lines found on parking lots or roadways, but have the power to do inlay grooving jobs.

GrindLazer with LineLazer attachment

LineDriver Attachment

Why walk when you can ride? Only Graco offers two high performance LineDrivers (LineDriver and LineDriver HD) to connect to your GrindLazer to help you double your line removing applications. The LineDriver and LineDriver HD provides the most innovative, user-friendly ride-on systems for the professional line removal contractor in the industry.

Get higher productivity, straighter inlay and line removal with less fatigue.

GrindLazer 480 with Reverse/ "Up-Cut" cutting direction requires the use of a LineDriver Propel System. The GrindLazer 480 unit cannot operate without a LineDriver due to the ProStart safety switch interlock system.

GrindLazer Classification Medium Duty
GrindLazer 270
Heavy Duty
GrindLazer 390
Extreme Duty
GrindLazer 480
Typical Application

Traffic Paint Removal
Thermoplastic Removal
Smoothing Uneven Surfaces

Traffic Paint Removal
Thermoplastic Removal
Epoxy Coating Removal
Smoothing Uneven Surfaces

Traffic Paint Removal
Thermoplastic Removal
Epoxy Coating Removal
Smoothing Uneven Surfaces
Inlay Grooving

Maximum Working Width 8 in [20.5 cm] cut 10 in [25.5 cm] cut 10 in [25.5 cm] cut
Production Removal Rate

Walking - 600 sq. ft/hr.

W/ LineDriver™ - 1300 sq. ft/hr.

Walking - 800 sq. ft/hr.

W/ LineDriver - 1700 sq. ft/hr.

Walking N/A

W/ LineDriver - 2100 sq. ft/hr.

Gracos's Grindlazer dial down depth control
Dial Down Depth Control

Allows precise cutting depths with the turn of the dial. Fast and easy adjustment for maximum productivity.

Graco Grind Lazer pro start system
ProStart System

ProStart is the most rugged and reliable centrifugal clutch system on the market. Allows easy starting and disengagement of cutters which provides one of the safest scarifier systems.

Grindlaser instacut grinders
InstaCut Technology

InstaCut technology allows the user maximum control for safely engaging the cutters both on and off without having to lift their hands off the handles.

Grind laser EasyGlide Wheel Mount System
EasyGlide Wheel Mount System

Front mounted caster along with dual rear pneumatic air-filled tires makes handling as easy as a LineLazer. Allows for the most flexibility and ease of use in the industry.