Line Striper Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some terms commonly used with Line Striping sprayers and in the airless spray painting industry.


What it Means

Auto-Layout System Eliminates the hassle of laying out parking stalls and pre-marking road lines.
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Dead band This is the area in time between pulling the trigger on the spray gun and the pump staring to pump again. Most mechanical pressure controls allow about a 300 psi drop in pressure before turning the pump on. Graco's SmartControl is an electronic pressure control that reduces this pressure drop to about 50psi. The second generation, Smart Control 2.0, reduces this even further to a near zero dead band.

The dead-band results in a fading spray fan followed by a burst to the full, set pressure. The dead-band is more noticeable when spraying thinner materials and/or at lower pressures. The EPC gives a more consistent and even fan pattern and eliminates a few moving parts which can result in less long-term maintenance costs.

Endurance Piston Pump Piston pumps allow for consistent priming and pumping of even the heaviest materials. The endurance piston pump comes on almost all Graco LineLazer's
Flex Plus Gun Gun that comes standard with Graco LineLazer stripers. Gun is unique, because as with Graco's Silver plus gun, there is no in handle filter. To see or buy a Flex Plus Gun
Light Kit The term light kit refers to a LineLazer Accessory that provides increased visibility in low-light conditions, and especially useful for night striping. More about the LineLazer Light Kit
LineDriver Converts your LineLazer striper machine to a rideable unit which can double production and accuracy while reducing operator fatigue.
For more information, picture of Graco LineDriver
LineLazer LineLazer's are Graco Line Striping sprayers. They are known throughout the industry as being top of the line in the
Line Striper Tips Specifically designed for line striping machines. Creates clean, laser-sharp lines with no fuzzy edges. LineLazer tips are rated from 6" from the ground, not 12" like most other Graco Tips
For more information, see LineLazer Tip Information
Spray Tip The final piece of the spray equipment that the coating material passes through and normally causing atomization which creates a spray from the liquid. Different tip orifices mixed with various pressures atomize the material in numerous ways creating a wide range application scenarios.
More about sprayer tip sizes
Throat Seal Liquid Liquid compound that is placed in a small cup that surrounds the top of the pump rod to keep the packings wet and lubricated and also keeps overspray, that may come in contact with the rod, from sticking to it and causing damage to the packings.
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Vibration Reduction System New system on most LineLazer models which helps to remove engine vibration, which results in 60% less vibration at the spray tip.
Viscosity A measurement of the resistance of a liquid to deform and/or break / shear apart under stress. Most people think of this as thickness or thinness. There are many ways to measure viscosity, The Zahn Cup is probably the most recognized device and method as well as accurate.