Graco LineLazer Line Striper Accessories

In our Line Striper Information section, you will find a wide array of information. We have our Frequently Asked Questions page to help you with any questions you may have. We also have created a LineLazer Parts page, to create an easy link to help you find those common items that many people purchase for their Line Stripers.

Accessorize your Graco LineLazer! Keep your lines crisp with a new spray tip. Change your line width with a different size tip. Add a EZ Bead glass-bead applicator. Get a larger hopper.

Many of these products contain links to purchase in our store, for those items that do not, please call to order.


LineLazer LL5 Spray Tips

Graco RAC 5 LineLazer LineStriper tips
Genuine Graco SwitchTips for your LineLazer. If your line is getting narrow and/or thin on the edges, it is past time for a new tip. See all Graco LineLazer Tips
LineLazer SwitchTip with 2" Fan PatternLL5213-LL5219
LineLazer SwitchTip with 3" Fan PatternLL5315-LL5335
LineLazer SwitchTip with 4" Fan PatternLL5417-LL5435
LineLazer SwitchTip with 6" Fan PatternLL5621-LL5639

LineLazer IV Light Kit

LineLazer IV light attachment kit
Provides improved visibility in low-light conditions. Nice to have if you are starting at dawn or still at it at dusk. Handy for indoors jobs
Low-Drain, High Output LED Light for use with LineLazer IV Stripers277061

LineLazer Wheel Replacement

LineLazer Wheel Replacement
Updates LineLazer 3500's and 5000's to Fat Track Technology
Fat Track Retro Kit241105

15 Gallon Paint Hoppers

Graco striper paint hopper
Triple your paint capacity - spend less time re-filling and more time striping.4
For use with LineLazer: 3900, 5900, 200HS241104
For use with LineLazers: 3500, 5000 (3500 must order suction kit 238962 as well)241103

2nd Gun Kits

Graco striper 2nd Gun Kit
Turn your single gun line striper into a two-line striper.
Complete kit for two-gun striping with the LineLazer IV Models287553
Complete kit for two-gun striping with the LineLazer III Models257533
Complete kit for two-gun striping with the LineLazer II Models241284

EZ Bead Application

Line striper EZ bead applicator

Dispense beads automatically. Adjust dispensing heads to stripe 2", 4", and 6" EZ Bead Hopper is reversible for use on both sides of the striper.

Complete EZ Bead System with two 6" dispensers for LineLazers 3900, 5900, 200HS277064
Complete EZ Bead System with one  6" dispensers for LineLazers 3900, 5900, 200HS277065
Complete EZ Bead System with two 6" dispensers for LineLazers 3500 and 5000241530
Dispenser Kit (EZ Bead 6", 150mm) Contains on 6" Dispenser and Hose277067
EZ Bead 12" (305mm) Dispenser Kit - Contains one 12" Dispenser and Hose245516
EZ Bead Aluminum Wind Deflector - 6", 6 pack277066
EZ Bead Plastic Wind Deflector - 12", 3 pack245520
EZ Bead Plastic Wind Deflector - 6"245519

LineLazer Line Pointer

Graco LineLazer Pointer

Available in two lengths for parking lot and highway use. Wide blade allows operator to follow string line in both directions. See-through design gives clear view of pavement. Pointer folds up for easy curb access and storage.

Short Pointer Guide - 25" (LineLazer IV and III)277062
Long Pointer Guide - 40" (LineLazer IV and III)277063