Line Striper Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions and some not so common that may benefit you as well. If you don't see your question answered here please check back as this area is still being developed.



How can I decided what LineLazer is best suited for my needs?Visit our Line Striper Comparison page for a side-by-side look at what machine will work best for your jobs.
What Striper is right for my application and use?LineLazer 3400 - Ideal for Parking lots and seal coat contractors, schools, and park departments.
LineLazer 3900/5900/200HS - Continuous heavy duty line striping requirements
What materials are to be sprayed with what Line Stripers?LineLazer 3400 - Most common traffic paints and architectural coatings
LineLazer 3900 - Most Heavy, Low VOC, waterborne and rubberized traffic paints
LineLazer 5900 - Most Heavy, Low VOC, waterborne and rubberized traffic paints
LineLazer 200HS - Most Heavy, Low VOC, waterborne and rubberized traffic paints
What is the Auto Layout System?The Auto Layout System is a new layout system developed by Graco that automatically lays out and designs the parking lot for you, eliminating tape measurers and hassle. Also See: Auto Layout System
Can I add the Auto Layout System to my striper?Unfortunately the Auto Layout system is not sold separately, and only comes on LineLazer 3900, 5900, and 200HS Stripers
What is the difference between regular airless sprayer tips and line striping tips?Graco LineLazer tips are specifically designed to create clean, laser-sharp lines with no fuzzy edges. Line Lazer tips are also rated from 6" from the surface, compared to regular airless tips which are rated 12" from the surface. Also See: Line Striping Tips
I have heard that there is an attachment where I can ride behind the Striper, and not have to walk with it, is this true?Yes, the attachment is called the Graco LineDriver. Converts your LineLazer striper machine to a rideable unit which can double production and accuracy while reducing operator fatigue. Great for large jobs, big parking lots and road striping. See Graco LineDriver
What cleaner should be used to clean out my striper?This answer depends on what type of paint you will be using to stripe.

Typically you should use whatever the thinner is for the material you are spraying, for example;

Latex = Water
Oil-base = Mineral Spirits
Lacquer = Lacquer thinner

My stripers engine is bouncing and vibrating more than usual, what should be done?This is a common problem that is usually caused by a broken or loose spring. Find the location of the spring, and reconnect it. If the spring is broken, look in the parts manual for the part number for the spring, and give us a call for ordering information.
I will be striping a small parking lot, and feel that a Line Striper would be useful, but not worth paying the price for only using the machine once or twice, is there a solution for my need?simple line striper There is a product called the Titan SideStriper. The SideStriper is a device that you attach your gun to, and walk behind. It is not electric or gas, however for one or two striping jobs it saves a great deal of time and money, and will work with any airless sprayer.
What LineLazer Tips are correct for certain applicationsSee: LineLazer Spray Tip Selection Table
My striper vibrates greatly when in use, which causes uneven lines, is there a way to reduce this?If the vibration is a problem, many times there will be a loose screw or bolt in the gun holder of the striper. Most new Graco LineLazer stripers feature an Advanced engine vibration reduction system, which helps create 60% less vibration at the spray tip.
What is the Graco FieldLazer?The Graco FieldLazer is a line striper specifically designed for sports field marking. A FieldLazer atomizes higher concentrations of turf paint, which results in better paint coverage for brighter and longer lasting lines. Also See: Graco FieldLazer
Do I still need to store my Line Striper with Pump Armor?Because many stripers feature the same pump as other airless machines, you should still store the machine as you would a regular airless paint sprayer. For more information on airless sprayer storage