Discontinued Graco LineLazer Line Stripers

Here is a list of some Graco line striper sprayers that have been discontinued. Graco has a good reputation of carrying parts for their sprayers though, for years after they have become obsolete. For any information on parts availability or to place an order for parts not located on our website, give us a call.

LineLazer StriperModel Number(s)Packing KitFluid PumpInlet Strainer
200 HS III LineLazer 1 gun234240246341246257181072
200 HS III LineLazer 2 gun234241246341246257181072
3000 LineLazer232650243091241320183770
3500 LineLazer231132222588222580183770
3900 II LineLazer W/1 Gun with driver233726248212239923181072
3900 II LineLazer W/2 Guns with driver233727248212239923181072
3900 II LineLazer W/1 Guns232651248212239923181072
3900 II LineLazer W/2 Guns232652248212239923181072
3900 III LineLazer 1 GUN233688248212244197181072
3900 III LineLazer 2 GUNS233689248212244197181072
5000 LineLazer231133220877220872181072
5900 II LineLazer232661248213240291181072
5900 II LineLazer W/1 Gun233728248213240291181072
5900 II LineLazer W/2 Guns233729248213240291181072
5900 III LineLazer 1 GUNS233690248213244224181072
5900 III LineLazer 2 GUNS233691248213244224181072
Fast Striper Monarch 23:1997706218135218058N/A
LINELAZER Line Driver.231205Call235032218798
Model 160 Airless (LDI) Series A231149222588222580183770
Model 160 Airless (LDI) Series C231151222588222580183770