Graco SmartDie II ThermoLazer Dies

Along with the new ThermoLazer , Graco's user-friendly, innovative thermoplastic line striper, is the SmartDie II System. Built using heavy-duty steel, and with no springs (that's right, NO springs), this die can remain on the unit, be cleaned on and with the ThermoLazer unlike most thermoplastic stripers which require the die to be removed. The exclusive, 'spring-less' design allows the die to "float" on the striping surface.

Using different ThermoLazer dies determines the width of the line that will be sprayed. Graco has created a wide range of sizes, which means that you are sure to find a specific size that is right for your application.

Graco SmartDie ThermoLazer System

This is a new generation in screed box technology, and only from Graco.

The SmartDie II System is a 'no-tool' installation and removal die for quick and simple line width changes. Great for intersection work.

No springs to break or bog you down - saving you time, headache and money.

Double-dies for striping two lines at once.

SmartDie II Sizes Available Part Number
3" SmartDie II Screen Box 24H431
4" SmartDie II Screen Box 24H426
5" SmartDie II Screen Box 24H432
6" SmartDie II Screen Box 24H427
7" SmartDie II Screen Box 24H433
8" SmartDie II Screen Box 24H428
9" SmartDie II Screen Box 24H434
10" SmartDie II Screen Box 24H429
12" SmartDie II Screen Box 24H430
4-inch thermoplastic die
12-inch Graco SmartDie thermoplastic die
Graco ThermoLazer thermoplastic striper