Graco LineLazer Auto-Layout System

Graco's New Auto-Layout System on select LineLazer airless line stripers eliminates the hassle of laying out parking stalls and pre-marking road lines. The Auto-Layout systems has two different options: Parking Lot Layout and Road line Layout

In Parking Lot Layout mode, Graco's LineLazer will automatically place dots on the ground for you, and all you have to do is connect the dots.

Graco LineLazer Auto-Layout parking-lot layout
Accurately Places Dots

Graco LineLazer Auto-Layout parking lot striping
Then Just Connect the Lines

In the roadline layout, the machine will place a dot in front, and then connect the dots in the same pass:

Graco LineLazer Auto-Layout road line layout
Pre-Mark and Apply Stripe in One Pass

Benefits and Features of the Graco Auto-Layout System:

Less Hassle and Less Fatigue

  • No Bending over to paint the lines
  • Eliminates the strain of reading the tape measure
  • Takes out the hassle of calculating distances and stall sizes

No Pain Layout

  • No more Tape Measures
  • No More Guessing
  • No More calculation errors
  • No Wasted Energy

SmartControl Digital Tracking System

Track, Measure, and Control each aspect of your job.
3 Modes, 3 different screens; Striping, Parking lot and Road

Graco LineLazer Auto-Layout digital display in Striping Mode

New Digital Display

The new digital display unit now shows PSI, Miles Per Hour, Mils-Instant Average, Lineal Foot, Gallons, and Mils Total - all in one screen.

Graco LineLazer Auto-Layout display and controls