Graco Linelazer IV 3900 and 5900 w/Auto-layout Parts Breakdown

Parts breakdown list for the Graco LineLazer IV 3900 and 5900 Airless Line Stripers w/Auto-layout. If you don't see the part you are looking for here you can also search for line striper parts or call us and talk to one of our experienced representatives. Graco has been good about carrying parts for their sprayers many years after they are discontinued.

Parts breakdown for the following Graco Linelazer IV Models w/Auto-layout:

  • LineLazer IV 3900 (1-Gun) - 253953
  • LineLazer IV 3900 (2-Gun) - 253920
  • LineLazer IV 5900 (1-Gun) - 253921
  • LineLazer IV 5900 (2-Gun) - 253954

Graco LineLazer IV 3900 and 5900 w/Auto-layout Parts Breakdown

Parts breakdown for Graco LineLazer IV 3900 and 5900 w/Auto-layout Parts breakdown for Graco LineLazer IV 3900 and 5900 w/Auto-Layout
Ref #Part NumberDescription
5237686WIRE, ground assembly w/ clamp
13245225HOSE, cpld, 3/8 in. x 50
14245798HOSE, cpld, 1/4 in. x 7
16287623FRAME, linestriper (painted)
21277069PUMP, displacement, (3900)
22287714HOUSING, bearing (3900)
23287653GEAR, combination, (3900)
26287719ROD, connecting (3900), includes 236a
28287622SUPPORT, handle (painted)
33287590COVER, pail , includes 35
34245730HOSE, drain, includes 34a thru 34n
34a15F149TUBE, suction
34c110194SWIVEL, 180°
34d101818CLAMP, hose
34e15F513GASKET, pail
34g245731TUBE, drain (includes 34h)
34j245798HOSE, coupled, 1/4 in. x 7 ft
34k114958STRAP. tie
35119771STRAP, cover
57194310LEVER, actuator
58195134SPACER, ball, guide
60196176ADAPTER, nipple
6615K357SENSOR, distance
6815J088SHIELD, distance sensor
70198891BRACKET, mounting
73198930ROD, brake
77114271STRAP, retaining
9315F577BRACE, left (painted)
9415F576BRACE, right (painted)
107178342CLIP, spring
108101566NUT, lock
109102478STRAP, wiring tie (not shown)
115108868CLAMP, wire
117110837SCREW, flange, hex
120255162WHEEL, pneumatic
121111040NUT, lock, insert, nylock, 5/16
122111194SCREW, cap flang hd
127112405NUT, lock
129112798SCREW, thread forming, hex hd
130119563WASHER, spring
134113961SCREW, cap, hex hd
141241445CABLE, swivel wheel
144114659GRIP, handle
153114982SCREW, cap, flng hd
154115077PAIL, plastic