Contractor Air Compressors

Most compressor manufacturers will make a wide variety of portable air compressors, along with stationary as well. These compressed air systems are designed to be portable and move around the job site, yet still produce reliable air when needed.

These air compressor systems are available in both electric and gas (usually with a Honda or Kohler engine). The style will also vary. For smaller units, there are a wide variety of hand held units available, with a wide range of tank sizes - everything from twin tank, single tank, pancake style and more are available. Also in stock are wheelbarrow compressors that will have one or two tires on the front for increased portability.

Popular wheelbarrow air compressors

ManufacturerModel NumberHorse PowerCFMGas/ElectricTank Size
RolAir5715K171.56.9 @ 100PSIElectric9 Gallons
Chicago PneumaticRCP-15301.55.4 @ 100 PSIElectric8 Gallons
Rol-Air3095K18311.9 @ 100PSIElectric8 Gallons
RolAir5230K30CS517.9 @ 100PSIElectric9 Gallons
Rol Air4090HK175.58.9 @ 100PSIGas9 Gallons
RolAir8422HK30-A819.2 @ 100psiGas9 Gallons

Hand Carry Contractor Compressor

Hand carry compressors are known for their portability, size, and power. Many contractors like them because they can be easily moved around jobsite, stored in the back of a truck without taking up much room, and can be kept hidden the garage when not in use.

These compressors are available in a wide range of power - from one horse power to over 4. They also vary in there power source, with manufacturers offering gas as well as electric power.

FC2002 hand carry portable compressor

Popular hand-carry air compressors

ManufacturerModel NumberHorse PowerCFMGas/ElectricTank Size
RolAirFC1500HBP21.53.6 @ 100 PSIElectric1.5 Gallons
Rol-AirFC1500HS31.53.6 @ 100PSIElectric2.5 Gallons
Rol AirD2002HPV524 @ 100PSIElectric4 Gallon
RolAirFC200224.1 @ 90PSIElectric4 Gallon
RolAirFC2002HBP624 @ 100PSIElectric5 Gallon