Ingersoll-Rand Air Compressor ERI Filters

In today's market, there are many varieties of compressor filters available. Some simply collect dust, some soak up oil in the lines, and some even help to collect water. When it comes to industrial applications, all of these are necessities. Therefore, Ingersoll Rand stepped up their production and manufacturing by creating their new Element Replacement Indicator (ERI).

ERI's are an illuminating approach to filter maintenance that yields real, measurable benefits for you, for your company and for our environment. The new filter provides the ideal platform for an easier, more reliable and fully predictable maintenance schedule.

By using a unique time-based approach, the ERI provides an easily visible indication to replace the filter element at the optimal time (bi-annually) to avoid high pressure drop and minimize energy consumption. In addition, the unique fit between the element and the filter body allows for a no-touch, no-hassle change out process that is quick and clean for you and your colleagues.

How it Works!

When the filter element is initially installed, the ERI flashes briefly, and then turns off. After six months, it automatically flashes to indicate that it’s time for replacement. 72 hours later, the indicator stays illuminated continuously, alerting everyone within view that replacement is necessary! It’s that simple, that reliable.

No longer do customers have to second guess and keep logs for when the filters need replacing. When you see a red light flashing - change it! This ultimately saves the company time and money!

Features and Benefits

  1. Visual Element Replacement Indicator (ERI) - assures proactive time-based replacement of your air filter cartridge to reduce energy consumption, which is the largest percentage of your filtration operating costs: 78% comparing to element change out cost: 13%. Rated to IP55, powered by two standard AA batteries.
  2. Smooth Corners - 90 elbow to direct air into the filter element, significantly reducing turbulence and pressure losses.
  3. High Efficiency Drainage Layer - improved liquid drainage properties and excellent chemical compatibility.
  4. Deep Pleating - reduces air flow velocity within the media – lower flow velocities improve filtration efficiency and reduce pressure losses.
  5. Flow Diffuser - provides turbulent-free distribution of air flow throughout the filter element.
  6. Low Profile End cap – removes coalesced liquid from the air flow path increasing liquid removal efficiency and providing more usable filtration surface area.
  7. Surface Tension Breakers - prevents liquid from sticking, resulting in fast and efficient drainage of coalesced liquids.
  8. Drainage Ribs – vertical ribs cast into the filter bowl compress the lower part of the filter element allowing bulk liquid to rapidly drain away.
  9. Drain - reduces contamination clogging by 75% and features higher temperature and pressure ratings 80C/17 bar(g).
Visual Element Replacement Indicator