Chicago Pneumatic Air Compressor Filters

Listed below are many types of filters that are available for Chicago Pneumatic air compressors. These include particulate and dust filters, coalescing, as well as adsorbing filters.

Many of these filters are also compatible with other brands of air compressors, such as Ingersoll Rand and Jenny. For more information on what filters will fit your compressor, give us a call at 1-866-208-2797

Particulate and Dust Filters

Particulate Filters:

  • The particulate filter uses the Yellow P element to filter large particulates that originate in the ambient environment
  • Often used before the compressor and other large machinery where large quantities of air are ingested
  • Excellent for applications where low pressure drop is a consideration

Dust Filters

  • The dust filter uses the Green D element to act as a particulate that removes 1 micron particulates
  • A finer grade particulate filter for dust, this filter is often used as a pre-filter for coalescing filters
  • Ideal for use throughout the compressed air circuit to remove pipe scale and debris that accumulate over time
Air Compressor Particulate Filter Compressor Dust Filter

Coalescing Filter

Coalescing Filter

  • The standard coalescing filter uses the Green M element and provides a reliable filter for overall filtration
  • Excellent low pressure drop
  • More effective than a particulate filter because it also removes lubricant and liquids in suspension
  • Ideal as a pre-filter for removing bulk solids and liquids

Fine Coalescing Filter

  • The fine coalescing filter uses the Red S element and provides a high level of particulate and coalescing filtration
  • Maximum coalescing efficiency available
  • Excellent prevention of oil and fluid carryover into the system
Compressor Coalescing Filter Fine coalescing air compressor filter

Adsorbing Filter

Absorbing Filters

  • The adsorbing filter uses the Silver A element and represents the filter that is not able to remove particulates, but is able to remove vapor and odors
  • Activated carbon media provides sustained protection from harmful vapors and prevents them from moving downstream in the compressed air
  • Should always be mounted after a CPFS or CPFM
  • Used for sensitive applications where the highest air purities are desirable: medical, electronics, pharmaceutical, etc.