Industrial Air Compressors

High performance industrial air compressors are generally used in production systems where the need for air is constant or needed reliably for your application. And industrial air compressor can be considered a rotary screw machine or a larger stationary compressor such as a 10 horse power pump or greater. We carry air compressors up to 475 hp.

Industrial compressed air systems come in many different configurations, some with built-in air dryers. We can custom configure, special order just for you based on your needs, so if you do not see the compressor system that you are looking for, please contact us.

Ingersoll-Rand UP6 Series Industrial Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Some of Ingersoll Rands most popular heavy-duty air compressors are the UP Series machines. Ingersoll-Rand has taken the power of air to a new level with the SSR Universal Product (UP-Series) rotary screw air compressor. The SSR UP-Series design was inspired by workplace demands as detailed to IR by many hundreds of compressor users. Ingersoll-Rand engineers applied our expertise and world-class technologies to create a new standard of performance and value through design innovations.

If you are using an industrial series air compressor, it means that your demands for air usage are large, and you constantly rely on consistent air. Therefore, air compressors prove their value by giving you ongoing and reliable performance. A large part of the UP-Series' value comes from its many design innovations. You benefit with longer equipment life. Additionally, the separator features a design that makes changes simple. A cooling air pre-filter, which traps airborne dirt particles, protects against cooler blockage.

One of the most popular UP6 industrial air compressor is the UP6-25-125. This air compressor will provide continuous air, is 25HP, and will produce 102 CFM at the maximum PSI.

Ingersoll Rand
UP6 Ingersoll Rand industrial compressor

Chicago Pneumatic QRS Series Industrial Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Chicago Pneumatic is also widely known throughout the compressor industry as having some of the highest quality industrial air compressor systems available. Their QRS rotary screw units are engineered for high performance, efficiency and reliability. The Chicago Pneumatic line of QRS (Quiet Rotary Screw) air compressors can meet the compressed air demands of a tire shop, maintenance shop, vehicle body, paint shop or automotive dealership. Quiet by design, the QRS can be installed almost anywhere. With standard mounted receiver tank, the QRS is the leading rotary screw compressor for light industrial applications.

Many of their compressors also feature HPD (high performance dryers) that already come attached to the compressors. The integrated dryer will help to reduce and helps to eliminate water and rust from accumulating in the tank, and also prevents water from flowing through the pipes and into the finished product.

One of the most popular QRS compressors that we have in stock is the QRS15HPD. This compressor features a 15 horse power motor, and produces 52 acfm @ 125PSI.

Chicago Pneumatic
Chicago Penumatic QRS rotary screw compressor with dryer

QRS Series Industrial Air Compressors

Part NumberHorse PowerCFMMax PressureTank Size
QRS15HPD 15 HP52 acfm @125 PSIG128/150120
QRS10HPD  10 HP37acfm @ 125PSIG128/150120
QRS7.5HPD-1 7.5 HP21.2acfm @ 125PSIG15060
QRS7.5HP-1 7.5 HP21.2acfm @ 125PSIG15060
QRS7.5HPD 7.5 HP21.2acfm @ 125PSIG15060
QRS5.0HP-15.0 HP16.6acfm @ 150PSIG15060
QRS5.0HPD-1 5.0 HP16.6acfm @ 150PSIG15060
QRS3.0HP-1 3.0 HP8.5acfm @ 150PSIG15060