Ingersoll-Rand Air Compressor SimplAir Piping

It is easy to see why the piping system in an air compressors system is one of the most important components. The SimplAir Piping family is a full line of high pressure piping designed to meet all your compressed air needs. From Ingersoll Rand’s large Evolution line, down to IR push-to-connect EasyLine, they provide the optimal solutions for all of your compressed air delivery requirements.

Simplair air compressor piping Easy compressor pipe connections

EasyLine (EL) Compressor Piping

The SimplAir EL way of push-in fittings and pipe provide the ideal connection from the compressed air receiver, throughout the entire distribution system, right to the point-of-use. Using the SimplAir EL system a compressed air piping system can be installed quickly and easily, considerably reducing the need for specialist staff and reducing production downtime. No need to prepare threaded pipe or apply solvent, all the connections can be made with a simple push-in action. The system is then immediately ready for use. Complex systems can be assembled much more rapidly than with traditional methods. Since they also are easy to disconnect, systems are easy to alter or extend.

Water Trap Tee Feature - The unique Water Trap Tee helps reduce the on-going problem of moisture in a piping system and provides the easy alternative to installing "Swan/Goose Necks". The ingenious inside arrangement of the fitting allows air to flow, with minimum head loss, from the distribution system to take-off points without allowing water to follow. The moisture is retained in the line to be drawn off at some suitable location.

Full compressor piping system

Features and Benefits

  • Safe secure and leak-proof
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to disconnect and reconfigure the system
  • Hundreds of different fittings available
  • MTested to ANSI B31.1