Air Compressor Couplers and Fittings

Quick disconnect couplers are the fastest, easiest, and most reliable means of joining air hose with air compressor tools, tire inflators, and blow guns

All quick disconnect couplers have similar connections and features:

  • Hardened balls or pins that fit into place with a slot in the coupler plug which holds it against a seal.

  • This connection also allows the joint to swivel, resulting in less kinking and twisting of the hose.

  • A sliding sleeve releases the locking balls when the coupler is retracted, permitting the plug to be inserted or removed. The coupler automatically returns to the locked position when released.

  • An automatic shutoff valve in the coupler seals instantly when uncoupling, eliminating the need for a separate shutoff.

Industrial couple and plug
Coupler and plug connected together

There are two main types of air compressor couplers : Automotive and Industrial. The chart below shows how to identify which connector style you have. As you can see, Industrial style couplers have two striped going across the fitting, whereas the automotive style only has one. On the plug, the industrial style is slightly longer and different head than the automotive.

Industrial and automotive styled couplers
Industrial and automotive style plugs

Amflo also makes two Combo Couplers, one with a female end, and one with a male end. Combo Couplers will fit either automotive or industrial style.