Chicago Pneumatic Compressor Lubricants

Effective lubrication is vital to numerous parts of the compression process. To protect your air compressor investment, only high-quality, genuine lubricants offer the reliability and efficiency you need.

The ScrewGuard ROTAIR engineered coolant has passed rigorous testing and meets your needs for any compressor set-up, in any operating conditions. Approved for use on our complete compressor range, they allow you to reduce maintenance costs, extend your compressor’s lifetime, and maximize its efficiency.

Helps Avoid Risks!

There are many consequences to using poor performance lubricants or no lubricants at all. Using ScrewGuard ROTAIR Lubricant will ensure that you are operating at the highest capacity, while avoiding a few of the risks below.

  • Reduced critical clearance
  • Limited operating range
  • Corrosion of critical parts
  • Deposits in the finished product
  • High, unpredictable maintenance costs
  • Clogging of the oil filters and separators

Rugged Testing - Assurance you Need

ScrewGuard ROTAIR is the only lubricant that is approved and tested to meet the specific, severe quality requirements of your compressor element. Chicago Pneumatic lubricants have been thoroughly tested to allow you to obtain the highest level of protection, extending the compressor components’ lifetime and keeping your cost of ownership to an absolute minimum. The use of Chicago Pneumatics' lubricants ensures reliable operation and will not limit any warranty on your investment.

How It Works

To prevent corrosion, our lubricants form a chemical bound with metal surfaces, which not only eliminates the risk of rusting - even during compressor standstill but also enables the compressor to resist water contamination.

The anti-foam characteristics eliminate the risk of cavitation. The ScrewGuard ROTAIR lubricant is fully compatible with our complete range of compressors.

ROTAIR Lubricant

Reliable Protection

Chicago Pneumatic does not compromise when in comes to quality. ScrewGuard ROTAIR acts as structural materials and protects surfaces. They ensure efficient lubrication and correct viscosity across the whole operating range of temperatures and humidity. Even after long standstill periods of the compressor, the lubricant allows for a smooth start. The anti-foam characteristics eliminate the risk of cavitation. The ScrewGuard ROTAIR lubricant is fully compatible with Chicago Pneumatic's complete range of compressors.

Rotair Lubricant Specifications

ScrewGuard ROTAIR

  • Type
    Engineered mineral oil w/special additives
  • Drain Interval
    2000 Hours or 1 year
  • Operating Conditions
    Normal Conditions
    Normal Drain Intervals
  • Type
    Synthetic oil with additives
  • Drain Interval
    8000 hours or two years
  • Operating Conditions
    High Temp/Humidity
    Extended Drain Interval
  • Type
    Engineered mineral oil w/special additive package
  • Drain Interval
    4000 hours or one year
  • Operating Conditions
    Normal Conditions
    Long Drain Intervals