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Ingersoll Rand 47645188001 Minimum Pressure Check Valve Assembly

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Ingersoll Rand OEM 47645188001 Series Minimum Pressure Check Valve

The 47645188001 MPCV will fit almost all of the small Ingersoll Rand UP6 series compressors below (with and without integrated dryers). For models that were manufactuered before 2009, the number may be listed in the parts book as 23410806, 22245617 or 22432934, however both of these older part numbers supersede to 47645188001.

The minimum pressure check valve keeps air pressure inside of the sump during the initial startup of the compressor. This helps the oil circulate throughout the compressor on start-up. Once the pressure inside of the oil sump reaches approximately 60psi, the valve will open and let compressed air flow downstream.

A properly functioning MPCV will prevent oil carryover into your piping system. This will also prevent high pressure air from your receiver and air piping from re-entering internal compressor components. If air is leaking from the inlet after the compressor has been shut off for a period of time, there is a good chance that this valve failed and is letting high pressure air flow back inside of the compressor. This valve will thread onto the backside of the cooler on IR’s UP6 models.

  • UP6-5
  • UP6-7.5
  • UP6-10
  • UP6-15C

This is an OEM minimum pressure check valve made from Ingersoll Rand

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS
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