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Ingersoll Rand 39329602 Rotary Screw Air Compressor Oil Filter Element

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Ingersoll Rand 39329602 OEM Rotary Screw Air Compressor Oil Filter Element

The oil filter removes particles and debris from the compressor oil before being sent back into the compression process. Changing the oil filter element will prolong the life of your compressor by ensuring clean oil is sent to the airend and oil cooler. Depending on the age of your compressor this filter should be replaced at a minimum of once per year or every 2,000 hours.

When changing your oil filter, it is also recommended to change your air filter and separator element filter. The most common air filter paired with this item is 88171913 and the most common separator element was 24121212. Please contact us if you would like confirmation on which oil and separator filters are correct for your Ingersoll Rand compressor.

The old part number for this item is 39446489 which now supersedes to item 39329602. If your parts manual lists item # 39446489, then purchasing this 39329602 is correct.

This is an OEM part made by Ingersoll Rand. The most common models associated with this compressor are below, however please contact us if you would like confirmation this will work with your rotary screw compressor.

  • UP6-5-125 / UP6-5-TAS
  • UP6-7.5-125 UP6-7.5-TAS
  • UP6-10-125 / UP6-10-TAS
  • UP6-15C-125 / UP6-15C-TAS
  • R4i-X125 / R4i-TAS
  • R5.5i-X125 / R5.5i-TAS
  • R7.5i-X125 / R7.5i-TAS
  • R11i-X125 / R11i-TAS
  • IRN15, IRN10, UNI-15, UNI-10

Several EP7.5, EP10 and EP15 models, however please call us with your serial number to confirm as these models used many different filters.