Ingersoll Rand UP6-10TAS-150 10HP 150psi Rotary Screw Air Compressor with Integrated Air Dryer, 32cfm

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Ingersoll Rand UP6-10TAS-150 10HP 150psi Rotary Screw Air Compressor with Integrated Air Dryer, 32cfm

The Ingersoll Rand UP6-10 150 TAS “Total-Air-System” (TAS) is a 150psi 10hp rotary screw air compressor with integrated air dryer and filtration which displaces 32cfm. This is a unique compressor package, comprising a fully integrated rotary screw compressor with a high efficiency cycling air dryer with general purpose and high efficiency air filters. This is all mounted on to an 80 gallon or 120 gallon horizontal air storage receiver. The TAS package occupies less space, costs less to install, and delivers high quality compressed air to maximize operating efficiency and reduce costs.

The package enclosure is carefully designed to provide effective sound emission control and suppression, while retaining easy access for maintenance and access to major components. The front door lifts off if required to provide easy access to all routine maintenance points. This door provides easy access to carry out all of the maintenance procedures for the compressor. The side panel can be removed for maintenance on the dryer and filter section.

A cycling refrigerated air dryer for moisture removal is totally integrated within the compressed air package and using the same cooling air flow as the compressor package. The refrigerant air dryer which cycles on and off with the compressor, uses a unique single high efficiency welded stainless steel plate heat exchanger to perform the multiple duties of pre-cooler, refrigerant evaporator, and compressed air re-heater. The environmentally sound R-134a refrigeration cycle utilizes a high efficiency “micro channel” condenser and thermal control is provided with a quick acting hot gas bypass. Condensed water is removed from the airflow directly after the evaporator part of the heat exchanger, by a high efficiency external cyclone separator. This condensate is discharged by solenoid drain from a manifold in parallel with other drain points.

Speed, torque and operating characteristics have been designed to match the load of the compressor. Motor efficiency and power factor have been optimized for the UP6-10TAS compressor. The motor has a minimum of class F insulation as standard and is specified to operate in ambient conditions up to 104F (40C).

This unit is wired in either 208v/3ph, 230v/3ph or 460v/3ph power. The pressure is pre-set to kick off at 150psi for higher pressure applications.

Features and Benefits - UP6-10 TAS-150:

  • Fewer connections and smart integration eliminate leaks and pressure drops, ensuring maximum reliability
  • Advanced, high-efficiency combination cooler with roof mount package exhaust enables easy ducting
  • Small footprint frees up valuable floor space and reduces installation costs
  • Simple diagnostics for ease-of-operation and reduced downtime
  • Premium Poly-V belt drive system minimizes belt stretching and increases air output


Products specifications
Duty Cycle 100% Continuous Duty
Drive Style Belt Drive
Integrated Dryer Yes
Sound Level 68dBA
Connection Size 3/4" NPT
CFM @ 150 PSI 32
Tank Size 80 Gallons, 120 Gallons
Horse Power 10
Max Pressure (PSI) 150
Voltage 208/230/460 / Tri Voltage
Phase Three
Configuration Horizontal
Dimensions 75L-in x 29W-in x 64H-in
Weight 1021 lbs