Air Line Piping

Blue aluminium has become the industry standard for complete compressed air piping systems because it is both anti-corrosive and lightweight, and easy to handle. Airnet's aluminium piping system is easy, safe and quick to install compared to traditional welded and threaded systems. 

If you are looking for a high performing and effortless system that can be customized to fit any production site, AIRnet will turn out to be the best investment choice you can make. It is a high-end aluminum system specially designed to save the money that other piping systems spend.

The AIRnet system is designed with leak-proof connections that prevent losses in flow and energy. Non-corrosive aluminum pipes and full-bore fittings ensure a smooth and sustainable flow throughout the network. Losses due to friction are reduced to a minimum. AIRnet is a non-corrossive, durable system that does not affect the quality of the gases transported. This minimizes maintenance costs and also costs related to protection of down stream equipment, processes and applications. AIRnet offers the lowest total cost of ownership over time. It is the optimal solution for any application

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