Air Compressor Tanks

An air compressor receiver tank is a pressure vessel that the holds the compressed air for future use. In the air compressor industry, receiver tanks are a must. Unfortunately, they are also a common afterthought. Generally speaking, you can never have too much air storage. Most air compressors like to see approximately 4 gallons of storage per CFM, but up to 10 gallons per CFM is ideal.

Some of the main benefits to additional air compressor storage tanks are:

  • Reduces short cycling and motor starts: With additional air storage, the compressed air system can sit in idle mode or off for longer periods, lengthening the life of your motor by reducing the start/stops per hour.
  • Reduction in energy cost: For load/unload rotary screw air compressors, the compressor is able to fully blowdown the sump pressure. This lets the compressor run ‘unloaded’ longer and reduces energy consumption by approximately 70% compared to a fully loaded compressor.
  • Reduction in peak demand: If you have a fluctuating demand throughout the day, a receiver tank can alleviate “spikes” in air usage. This helps stabilize system pressure while also meeting short term demand. An appropriately sized receiver tank can reduce the need for an additional air compressor.
  • Moisture reduction: Water vapor in the air cools as the compressed air is stored in the receiver tank. These vapors then condense and liquid water can be removed from the system.

Please let us know if you have questions on how to size an air receiver for your plant.  Don’t see the size or configuration you're after on our website? Give us a call! There are many custom options available depending on your needs. We can supply vertical air tanks, horizontal receivers, special exterior/interior coatings and more.