Powerex IP634500AJ Wrist Pin Bearing Grease For Oilless Reciprocating Pumps

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Powerex (IP634500AJ) Wrist Pin Bearing Grease for Oilless Reciprocating Compressor Pumps

The IP634500AJ wrist pin bearing grease is used on the low pressure wrist pins when replacing the piston rings.

The Powerex oilless reciprocating compressor pistons are made of a high-strength, self-lubricating composite using the most advanced technology available. These heat reducing pistons eliminate the effect of excessive grease leakage at the wrist pin bearing. PTFE rings reduce wear and provide self lubrication. The wrist pin bearings of the OPS and OPT oilless compressors are needle bearings protected by two outer lip seals. This needle bearing becomes impacted and requires regreasing at 5,000 hours

Powerex oilless reciprocating grease, 6 grams total

IP634500AJ is used on the following oil free pumps:

  • OPS010
  • OPS030
  • OPT050
  • OPT100
  • OPT150