Powerex ST073907AV Inlet Air Filter Element

SKU: ST073907AV
Part #: ST073907AV

Powerex ST073907AV Inlet Air filter Element for Enclosed Scroll, OPT100 and OPT150 Pumps

The inlet air filter element removes dirt and contaminents prior to the air entering the pump.

This Powerex OEM air filter element should be changed every 2,500 hours. It is recommended to change the filter more often If your compressor is located in a dirty environment with lots of dust. Changing the air filter will prolong the life of your compressor by protecting the tip seals on the inside of the compressor. Proactively changing the air filter will also increase your energy efficiency by not restricting the inlet airflow going into the air compressor.

This item is used on several versions of the Powerex enclosed scroll air compressors and their oil-free OPT100 and OPT150 bare compressor pumps. Note that many of their scroll systems will have multiple filters inside the compressor cabinet, so you may need to purchase multiple filter elements at the same time.

This ST073907AV inlet filter is used with the following air compressode models:

  • OPT100 oilless reciprocating pump
  • OPT150 oilless reciprocating pump
  • SEH3007 (two filters are needed)
  • SEH3007HP (two filters are needed)
  • SEO4007 (two filters are needed)
  • SEO4007HP (two filters are needed)
  • SED1007E
  • SED1007EHP
  • SET1507E
  • SET1507EHP
  • SEQ2007E
  • SEQ2007EHP
  • OTS0754
  • OTS1004
  • OTD0756
  • OTD1006
  • OBS0757
  • OBS1007
  • OTS1504
  • OTD1506
  • OBS1507
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