Powerex 3HP SLAE03E Oil Free Bare Scroll Compressor Pump

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Powerex SLAE03E Oil Free Compressor Scroll Pump, 95-115 psi, 8.8cfm @ 100psi

The SLAE03E oil free scroll compressor pump is designed to be used with the Powerex 3hp air compressors. This scroll pump is used for both standard pressure (116 psig max) and high pressure (145 psig) compressors. This is a direct replacement for the SLAE03 pump manufactured from 10/2006 and beyond.

Powerex has led scroll technology since 1991 when we introduced the first completely oil-less scroll air compressor. Their technology and expertise in clean, dry air systems is unmatched. Powerex manufactures compressors, pumps, air receivers, control panels, air dryers, dew point monitors, and more, to provide a total system approach to your air compressor needs. All facilities are ISO9001 registered so you can be assured of the highest quality. The enclosed scroll compressors feature compact footprints, energy efficient operation, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly design, all in one complete.

The scroll pump has few moving parts making it reliable and easier to maintain. The self-lubricating tip seals, and absence of a gearbox means the pump is truly 100% oil free. As the leaders in scroll pump technology, our latest design incorporates several innovative features:

  • Main bearings are housed in durable cast iron instead of aluminum which prevents fretting and premature failure of the bearing race. This pump can be operated at 100% duty with confidence.
  • The patented bearing re-grease feature has been improved to allow maintenance from the front side of the pump, cutting service time in half.
  • The patented tip seal design yields the highest flow rates and longevity of any other dry scroll compressor.
  • The improved efficiency and cooling results in lower operating temperatures.
  • Extremely low vibration.

The SLAE03E bare scroll compressor pump is a replacement pump for existing scroll compressors. This item is non-returnable after ordering, so please contact us if you would like confirmation that this will work with your existing scroll air compressor.

Products specifications
Horse Power 3
Max Pressure (PSI) 145
Dimensions 13.6" x12.8" x 11"