Chicago Pneumatic 4000 Hour Annual Service Kit for CPBG20 and CPBG25 Rotary Screw Compressors

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Chicago Pneumatic 2200 9035 02 OEM 4000 Hour Annual Service Kit for CPBG20 and CPBG25

The 2200 9035 02 annual service kit will fit the Chicago Pneumatic CPBg 20 and CPBg 25 rotary screw compressors that do not include an integrated air dryer. This item may be shown in your parts manual as 2200903502 or 2200-9035-02. 2200 9035 02 is also a common service kit used with Quincy and Atlas Copco air compressors.

This Chicago Pneumatic service kit contains the parts needed to complete an annual service on your CP rotary screw air compressor. Servicing your compressor on a regular basis will increase your energy efficiency, prevent debris from being sent downstream into your production equipment, and will prolong the lifespan of your air compressors. If your air compressor is located in a dirty or dusty environment, it is recommended to change these filters more often.

This kit includes the following parts:

  • Air filter element – removes dust particles down to 40micron before they enter the air compressor.
  • Oil filter element – removes debris and impediments from your compressor lubricant
  • Separator element – removes oil from the air after it leaves the compression process. Helps prevent lubricant from getting downstream
  • Panel filter – filters the dust/debris in the air before it is pulled into the air compressor

Note that this kit does not include oil. If you would like oil and are still using the original oil brand that was shipped with your compressor, Rotair Plus would be the best option.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions on service intervals or to confirm which parts are correct for your compressor.

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