Screwguard Rotair Plus Compressor Lubricant, 5 Ltr

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Chicago Pneumatic Rotair Plus OEM 1630144405 Rotary Screw Compressor Lubricant, 5 Liter

Rotair Plus is a high quality mineral based oil specifically developed and qualified to guarantee the reliability and performance of your rotary screw compressor. This lubricant truly protects your rotors, bearings and gears and guarantees outstanding performance at the best operating cost.

This fluid has been developed by combining the best quality base oil with a unique additive package resulting in extended service intervals that will give you the lowest total cost of ownership to run your operations. Effective lubrication is vital to numerous parts of the compression process and only a high quality and specially designed lubricant can offer the reliability and efficiency you expect.

Rotair Plus is the perfect match for compressors running between 2.000 to 4.000 hours per year in mild to demanding conditions, offering reliability and steady operation of the compressor all year round.
Keep firm grip on maintenance and repair costs by only using Rotair Plus approved lubricants and you can rest assured that it will keep the heart of your machine beating at peak performance and trouble-free running hours.

5 Liters (about 1.3 gallons) Also known as part# 1630 1444 05 as well as 1630-1444-05.

Properties Features Benefits
Anti-wear and corrosion
The additive package used in Rotair Plus has been developed to protect the rotating parts by an increased level of oxidation resistance, high chemical stability and rust inhibiting additives. Rotair Plus provides protection against oxidation resulting in a longer drain interval. The easy water separability ensures that the lubricant will ensure that water is kept out of the oil circuit avoiding corrosion on metal parts.
Low oil consumption and volatility The enhanced quality base oil contains less volatile components Reduced oil carry-over resulting in less oil consumption and a higher quality end-product.
Optimum internal surface cleanness Rotair Plus contains high quality antioxidants to control deposits, sludge and contaminants. The detergent additives of Rotair Plus protect filters and valves against the effects of sludge forming particles. Extended lifetime of the oil separator.
Low foaming tendency Air release properties make sure the air is efficiently separated from the lubricant without foaming. Less foaming leads to an increased efficiency of your application and maintains the quality of other consumables at their highest level.
Quality lubricant additives The Rotair Plus bases have been enriched with carefully selected additives to meet our strictest criteria and to match our tested components. The inappropriate balance of additives in the oil compromises the internal parts of the equipment and leads to unpredictable high maintenance costs.