Summit EnviroTech All-Trac Biodegradable Tractor Hydraulic Oil

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Summit EnviroTech All-Trac Biodegradable Tractor Hydraulic Oil

Summit EnviroTech All-Trac is a zinc-free ashless environmentally responsible universal lubricant for farm equipment, off-highway machinery, and industrial tractors. 

This multifunctional biosynthetic fluid is designed for equipment requiring one lubricant for the transmission, final drive, wet brakes and hydraulic systems. It meets or exceeds the performance requirements of all major brands of farm tractors and other farm equipment that utilize a common fluid reservoir. 

EnviroTech All-Trac is formulated with special friction modifiers to ensure proper operation of wet brakes and transmission clutch packs. The biosynthetic formulation provides superior oxidation resistance, excellent wear protection, protects against rust and corrosion, and has exceptional anti-foam characteristics. EnviroTech

All-Trac is classified as ultimately biodegradable (Pw1) and non-toxic, which makes it ideal for equipment operating in environmentally sensitive areas.

Physical Properties:

  • Viscosity @ 40ºC: 46.4
  • Viscosity Index: 205
  • Flash Point F: 484
  • Pour Point F: -51
  • Biodegradation Classification: Ultimate Pw1

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