Powerex IP602000AV Heat Insulation Pipe for SLAE Bare Scroll Compressor Pumps

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Part #: IP602000AV
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Powerex IP602000AV Heat Insulation Pipe for SLAE Oil Free Bare Scroll Compressor Pumps

The Powerex IP602000AV heat insulation pipe sits on the pipe nipple that connects the air filter to the fixed scroll cover on several of the Powerex SLAE bare oil free scroll compressor pumps.

The heat insulation pipe should be replaced every 10,000 hours if operating @ 115 psig for the standard pressure oil free pumps and every 5,000 hours of operation for the high pressure 145psi scroll compressors. This needs to be changed more frequently on the higher pressure pumps as more heat is created when compressing the air to higher pressures. Generally this is changed when you are replacing the scroll tip seal sets and regreasing the pumps.

You need one heat pipe for every scroll pump installed on the air compressor. Since many of the Powerex scroll compressors utilize several motors and pumps inside one cabinet, consult your owners manual to verify how many pipes are needed.

The following Powerex scroll pumps utilize IP602000AV heat insulation pipe:

  • SLAE03EB
  • SLAE05E
  • SLAE05EHP (high pressure version, designed to operate at 145psi max pressure)
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