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Ingersoll Rand 39138433 Oil Filter Element

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Ingersoll Rand 39138433 Oil Filter Element for SSR 1000 Rotary Screw Compressors Between 15-50hp

This oil filter element will fit many of the SSR 1000 series air compressors between 15 and 50hp. Most of these air compressors were gear drive models and manufactured between 1984 and 1986. Typically these compressors had serial numbers that started with the letter J or K.

Ingersoll Rand recommends changing the oil filter element every 2,000 hours or once per year. When changing the oil filter, you will also want to change the air filter element and separator element.

The oil filter removes debris from the compressor oil before being sent back into the airend and compression process. Changing the oil filter element prolongs the life of your compressor by ensuring clean oil is sent to the airend and oil cooler.

This is an OEM part manufactured by Ingersoll Rand. Most coolant filters sold online are aftermarket filters and are not rated to the same filtration specifications as OEM.

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