ConservAIR S-30 Intermediate Control Air Compressor Flow Controller Regulator, 150cfm

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ConservAIR S-30 Intermediate Control Air Compressor Flow Controller Regulator, 150cfm

The ConservAir S-30 intermediate flow controller is rated to handle up to 150cfm. The Intermediate Control monitors air pressure as it is delivered to production and releases air from the air receiver as needed to maintain a continuous, stable air pressure supply. The result of using flow controls is reduced waste from leaks, reduced energy consumption from the compressor room and most importantly, constant, stable air pressure for production.

Production of end products relies on the air stored in the distribution system’s piping. When that air is used, compressors replenish it. But at peak times air can be consumed much faster than air compressors can replace it. Relying solely on compressors to replenish the distribution system may require waiting for the air compressors to catch up, resulting in a sharp drop in pressure. If the pressure drop is too steep, production problems can result, such as operators experiencing a lack of air pressure while they are working

The typical response to this circumstance is to raise the entire system’s pressure until there is enough stored air in the distribution system to accommodate any and all demand situations. This higher level of constant pressure in the piping ensures that pressure drops do not impede production. The problem is that raising the system’s pressure to compensate for these peak demands causes the entire system to consume more air all of the time — even during periods of little or no use.

The S Series uses a unique multiple parallel configuration to accurately control the flow of compressed air to maintain a stable, consistent and lower pressure throughout the entire production facility. As a result, compressor horsepower is reduced, generating significant energy savings.

How does ConservAIR work?

A fully efficient compressed air system provides a minimum amount of compressed air at a minimum pressure and  satisfies all demand levels at all times. The ConservAIR controller achieves this perfect balance by creating a storage supply of compressed air in a receiver tank, which ensures there will always be an immediate supply of air to meet all  production demands, all the time. 

Why does this matter? Because compressed air is produced and stored at a slightly higher pressure than what is needed on the production floor. That stored air behaves like a reservoir — always ready to replenish the system at any given moment with as much flow as is needed. ConservAIR monitors the pressure at its outlet and releases air stored in an upstream receiver to hold the system pressure stable.

ConservAir is often sold under the brands of Atlas Copco, Pneumatech and Chicago Pneumatic.

ConservAIR S-30 Flow Controller Features and Benefits:

  • Creates a continuous, optimal air pressure supply.
  • Eliminates production interruptions by maintaining a steady supply of correctly pressured air.
  • Holds system pressure to +/- 1 psig throughout system
  • Ensures the reliability of air supply to the point-of-use sites.
  • Prevents unacceptable pressure degradation when an operating compressor fails
  • Reduces wasted compressed air.
  • Pressure tested and thoroughly checked for leaks after fabrication
  • Eliminates the need to run the system at a pressure level that is too high.
  • Savings up to 40% on your energy bill depending on your compressed air system and production.
  • Liquid filled industrial pressure gauges installed on the inlet and discharge headers accurate within 1%

S-30 Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum Flow: 150cfm
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure: 200psi
  • Connection Size: 1" NPT
  • Dimensions: 12 x 9.5 x 15"H
  • Weight: 55lbs
  • Internal factory part number: 4103012061

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