Chicago Pneumatic Annual 4000 Hour Service Kit B for QRS25HP and CPVS25HP

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Chicago Pneumatic Annual, 4000 Hour Service Kit B for QRS25HP and CPVS25HP - 2200902713

The 2200902713 service kit will fit the QRS20HP, QRS25HP, CPVS20HP and CPVS25HP air compressors that were manufactured between September 2008 and November 2018 that did not include integrated air dryers. This part number is sometimes shown as 2200-9027-13 and 2200 9027 13. This kit is also used on several Atlas Copco compressors and Quincy air compressors.

With the exception of oil, this Chicago Pneumatic service kit contains all parts needed to complete a yearly service on your CP rotary screw air compressor and air dryer. Completing service on your compressor on a regular basis will increase your energy efficiency, prevent debris from being sent downstream into your production equipment, and will prolong the lifespan of your air compressors. This kit should be used once per year or every 4,000 run hours, whichever occurs first.

This kit includes the following parts:

  • Air filter element 6211472350 - Helps to remove dust particles before they enter the air compressor
  • Oil filter element 6211472250 - removes debris and impediments from your compressor oil
  • Oil separator element 6221372450 and stem o-rings - removes oil from the compressed air before it’s sent downstream
  • VFD panel filter 2202260700 - Filters the incoming air used to cool the variable speed drive (included in kit, but only used on the CPVS30 models)
  • Panel filter 2202251210 - filters the cooling air before it enters the compressor cabinet (included in kit, but only used on the CPVS30 models)

This service kit does not include oil. Draining the old oil and replenishing is necessary when completing a full service. If oil is needed, Rotair Plus would have originally been shipped with your air compressor.

These are OEM parts made by Chicago Pneumatic. Please contact our parts department if you would like confirmation that this service kit will work with your air compressor.

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