Summit ThermaPhase TP-6 Thermostatically Controlled Electric Oil Water Separator 3490434950

Part #: TP-6
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Summit ThermaPhase TP-6 Thermostatically Controlled Electric Oil Water Separator 3490434950

The Summit ThermaPhase TP-6 is a thermostatically controlled, electrically heated evaporation device that separates air compressor condensate from spent compressor lubricant. The condensate  water leaves the unit as atmospheric steam and the lubricant is periodically drained from the unit. This offers an economical alternative to having your condensate hauled away by a licensed disposal company.

The ThermaPhase unit uses special low-density heating elements for long life and low maintenance. The heating elements are staged to go on sequentially. (Time of sequence between elements is variable but fixed by design). When the maximum operating temperature is reached, the heating elements automatically turn off until the temperature falls below the boiling point of 212ยบ F, and at this time the heating elements will restart. This system minimizes power surges, helps balance the load and reduces power consumption. There is a low level cut-off switch which provides protection for the heating elements which must be completely submerged whenever they are on.

The internal vaporization chamber is fabricated from stainless steel to eliminate rust and provide long term service. Special consideration has been given to the safe performance of this unit. There is an internal dip leg in the vent line to provide pressure relief should the vent become accidentally blocked. The high-level alarm and cut-off switch provides positive notification the unit is full and needs draining. There is a 4 inch clean-out plug in the back of the unit for convenient cleaning of the internal chamber and heating element every six months. There is also a sight glass to allow the operator to monitor performance of the unit and decide when to drain the unit. A thermometer is provided to monitor the operating temperature and determine when the lubricant has cooled to a safe temperature for draining. There are two thermostats for overheating protection and two drain valves for partial and total draining on the unit. The ThermaPhase uses high efficiency insulation to conserve energy and provide a safe physical environment. Over 90 percent of the energy input is utilized to convert condensate to steam.

ThermaPhase TP-6 Advantages

  • All weather operation
  • No carbon disposal problem
  • Easy to maintain
  • Minimum operator attention required

ThermaPhase TP-6 Economical Advantages

  • Money saving alternative to paying a licensed disposal company
  • Compliant for ISO 14001 Quality parts and construction for long life and low maintenance

The TP-6 is capable of handling up to 1.9 gallons of condensate per hour of operation. Please note the Summit ThermaPhase oil/water separator is sized based on several correction factors. Please contact us to ensure we can size this appropriately for your system. The internal Summit part number for this item is 3490434950.

TP-6 Specifications:

  • Capacity: 1.9 Gallons Per Hour
  • kW Rating: 6
  • Amp Draw: 11
  • Voltage: 480v 3 Phase
  • Dimensions: 48 1/8" x 46 1/8" x 20 3/8"
  • Shipping Weight 546lbs
California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS