Rol-Air 131B Pilot Unloader Valve

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Part #: 131B
RolAir 131B OEM Pilot Unloader Valve for Constan Run Applications

131B can be used on both the electric and gasoline air compressors. The pilot unloader valve is pre-set to load at 110psi and unload at 135psi. This valve will blow off pressure at the top end setpoint and is designed to be used with air compressors that do not have built in head unloaders. Although this valve will work on all the air compressors below, it was most commonly associated with the RolAir 4090HK17.

A separate 1/4" port is included for tying in your unloader line. This valve is able to be used with compressors that displace 20cfm or below.

For Use with Rol-Air Models:

  • 3095K18CS
  • 4090HK17
  • 5520K17CS
  • 5715K17CS
  • 5GR30HK17
  • 6590HK18
  • 6820K17CS
  • 7722HK28
  • 8422HK30
  • GD4000PV5H
  • GD4500PV5R
  • 5GR Series
California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS
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